His Imperial Majesty is still wondering just when an issue will surface on which the anointed “Only Candidate Who Can Win and Save the Nation”, Mittens Obamneycare, actually happens to disagree with Comrade Petukh Ogabe.

So far, but we could have missed a couple of additional ones, we have Mittens basically agreeing with the National Socialist Democrats on AGW, nationalized healthcare, gun control and ethanol subsidies.

Maybe it’s because His Majesty is getting old and his memory is failing, but it seems to him that there once was a time when the opposing candidate was expected to be in opposition to the candidate he wanted to run against.

But never mind all that. Mittens is the only “serious” candidate and the “best hope” for the GOP in 2012. Just ask the MSM Ogabe Reichspropagandaministerium, who has always had the best interests of conservatives at heart.

Just ask president McCain.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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