The post below is a good example of a rule that I have. That is to get your idea in writing and posted on the same day. I had absolutely no intention to imply that our independent nature is the same as the special class I tried unsuccessfully to identify. The group I refer to is the ones that are totally apathetic about our government and their role in it as citizens.

Jaybear nailed it in his response to my unconscionable choice of words and lack of proper identification of whom that screed was aimed at:

But I tell my friends is that I am a rightward leaning independent. I do not identify with those “obama gonna give me money” idiots whom the media call independents, they are afraid to call those people what they really are……slaves to the welfare state and to those slave-masters who propagate it. The slaves to the state will be the death of this Republic, they are the ones that merit your anger JB

That is my ONLY intent by the use of the word independents. In fact, I almost used the “Obama’s got a stash” to state my point. Indeed that is precisely my point, we have true independents like ourselves and the media’s use of the word to describe independent voters that are also what Wilkow calls the “zero liability voters”. They pay no taxes, accept every government benefit they can get, honestly or not so honestly and vote pretty consistently for more of the same, with not a clue or worry about WHO pays for their greed. The left aims their platform on wooing this bunch.

For the record, I like most of you, consider my a conservative and nothing more. I mailed back my RNC card, after scraping my cat’s litter box with it, years ago. I would NEVER, EVER even consider stating that one must identify with any political party. I actually pretty much despise both organized parties, their only goal on both sides is to win elections instead of what it should be, to serve the electorate.

My apology for the poor use of words and a disjointed post.


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