But at least we’re relieved to see that all serious crime issues have been resolved in Great Britain (shamelessly lifted from Maetenloch):

When schoolboy Tom Clarke accidentally kicked his football through a neighbour’s greenhouse, he might have expected a scolding.

But 30 minutes later a police patrol car, two officers and the force helicopter armed with thermal imaging cameras were on his trail, in scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood manhunt.

Throw in a SWAT platoon and forced entry and it would be reminiscent of the DoE trying to collect on a student loan, but we digress.

No argument that the police’s reaction was pure industrial strength Teh Stoopid™, but we do have a bit of advice for the young gentleman:

He kicked the ball and – like countless schoolboys before him – watched in horror as it looped over a garden fence and smashed through a pane of glass in the greenhouse.

Unsure what to do next, he went into the pub, unaware of the dramatic chain of events about to unfold.

“Unsure what to do next?” Young Master Tom, we are not entirely sure who to blame for you failing to know what to do in such a situation, although primary responsibility for teaching such things fall upon the parents in most cases, but knocking on the owner of the property’s door and explaining, with a proper amount of apologies, what you’d accidentally done and offering to pay for the damages is considered the way to go if you have at least a modicum of upbringing and manners.

There may be other proper ways of dealing with the situation, but we can assure you that scratching your head and hiding out in a pub is not one of them.

Having an accident is no crime. Fleeing the scene of one most assuredly is which necessitates a response from law enforcement, although calling in a police chopper and thermal imaging is a bit over the top (British Understatement™ Alert).

But we needed the laugh, so there is that.


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By Emperor Misha I

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