And they were RIGHT!

Resident Ogabe is no slouch when it comes to pissing off every single nation that used to be a friend of ours (while gobbling the swollen cocks of every tyrant he can slither up to), but he has a very particular need, apparently, to piss all over the Brits every chance he gets.

The latest comes in the shape of him, Ogabe, siding with our traditional allies such as Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in insisting that the Brits enter into negotiations with Argentina over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

Yes, the “Malvinas Islands”, NOT the “Falklands”, which is the name that every single inhabitant of the actual islands uses for them.

In fact, the only ones calling them the “Malvinas” are the Argies, which goes a long way towards explaining why resident Ogabe would choose that name over the actual name that you’ll find on a map.

There is no “sovereignty” issue as the Falklands already are sovereign members of the Commonwealth, home rule and all. There is no issue of “colonialism” as there is not a single poor, oppressed, indigenous soul living under the “brutal British Raj” yearning to return the the Argentine Reich, so there is no need for “negotiations.”

It is as blatantly absurd as demanding that I enter into “negotiations” with my neighbor over ownership of my house, should he declare that he’d take it by force unless I hand it over free of charge.

All par for the course for Sir Golfsalot, Self-anointed Messiah Barry Soetoro Mugabe.

It’s getting to be high time that Congress declare that tinpot thug on 1600 Penn unfit for command and send in the military to clap him and his entire junta in leg irons.


(H/t Hot Air).

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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