Ya’ know, I never have liked Romney, but I saw on the horizon a possible need to support him in the voting booth. I’m with most conservatives in that I’d vote for a used condom before I’d stay home and let Teh Lightworker™ walk away with re-election, so as distasteful as it might be we’ll be stuck with someone, like them or not. In particular Romney disgusts me in his refusal to fess up about the disastrous RomneyCare. Never mind that, his statements in New Hampshire last week really, REALLY put him at odds with conservatives.

Almost weekly, more factual evidence is uncovered that anthropogenic global warming/climate change is a massive hoax. I would say that it’s probably the BIGGEST SCIENTIFIC HOAX of all time. The media and pols from both sides of the aisle are amazingly silent on this as they are so far into the tank for the bullshit, that they need man-up and admit they were totally wrong is out of the question. To the contrary the issue, to my disgust, seems to have an inertia. Literally as more and more information is divulged, we see more proposed legislation, EPA regulations, private institutions and individuals reacting to AGW. In my view of the world, being a ‘True Believer’ in AGW proves an individuals lack of inquisitiveness and intelligence, that should let one determine on their own the truth.

So along comes Romney, not only buying into it, but stating that as president, he would support legislation to limit those ‘Eeevil Carbon Emissions™‘. I still have a hard time believing that so many supposedly intelligent people think we can declare war on the periodic table.

[Ya’ might have to click on this link a few times to get it to play. -JB]

[H/T to El Rushbo for the video]

Really Mitt….REALLY?

G-d help us if we have to pull for this man next year.

Oh BTW Mitt, wearing jeans isn’t gonna make someone with an IQ higher than smegma, think you’re a “Man Of The Peeple”. What a fucking joke…..

-Carry On

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