Because that would be so very horribly “uncivil”, something only a truly repugnant Right Wing Visigoth would do.

Still, the leftist swine in KKKalifornikate currently running anti-Semitic propaganda that would have made even Julius Streicher blush with shame to support their proposed circumcision ban sure do seem to have some unhealthy sympathies for blond, Norse-looking heroes battling evil, dark, swarthy, demonic “Monster Mohels”. Seriously. Click the link. It really is that disgusting. His Imperial Majesty hasn’t seen anything that vile outside of old news archives from 1933-1945.

Not that it surprises us much, really. Socialist, Democrat Socialist, National Socialist, all chips off the same old rotten, filthy block. Different in name, to be sure, but not in the very least in essence.

But that’s just a Right Wing Visigoth speaking, of course.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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