Since apparently only Ace is bothering with it now, bless his heart, and even the so-called “conservative” media have rolled over, pulled their pants down and spread their butt-cheeks, lest they be called “right wing Visigoths” by Rick Moran for daring to even suggest that a Democrat could be anything but an innocent, wonderful, well-intentioned dream of a feller.

We’ve noted that Rachel Madcow and her Loony Left brigades have frantically managed to come up with yet another convoluted, far-fetched explanation of how this non-mystery really happened. Pity that their attempted save is an utter and complete crock but hey, at least they tried to cover for their beloved Weiner.

Once again, as Ace has tried to explain so even the most dimwitted of dorks ought to be able to understand, there is no mystery here.

Anthony “Crotch Rocket” Weiner, who has a history of chatting up pretty minors on Twitter, sent a picture of his junk to one of them, only instead of typing “d ” in front of her nick, which would have made it a private message as he no doubt intended for it to be, he hit “@” instead, which made it very public indeed.

It’s not all that mysterious, really. In fact, it’s happened before, and that’s only one example. Ever embarrassingly typed in a response in the wrong chat window? Yeah, that’s another example. Happens all the time.

And then there is his curious reaction when he “discovered that he’d been hacked.” Yep, people, first reactions matter, but we’ll let Ace explain that since we like his way of explaining things very much indeed.

We mean, really? He just discovered that his account had been hacked and some nefarious unknown suddenly had gained access to an unknown amount of information and we’re supposed to believe that the “normal” reaction is to laugh it off and joke about hockey games disappearing off of his TiVo?

We don’t know about you, but if we suddenly found reason to suspect that parties unknown had gained access to our computer records, we’d be too fucking busy changing passwords all over the place and calling financial institutions to have time joking about “#WhoDoISue”

But maybe we’re just being unreasonable here. Clearly the rational reaction is to make jokes, consult with a lawyer about your “options” and then hire a private security firm (over whom you have absolute control since you pay their bills as opposed to, say, law enforcement) and go on TV to say that you’re just being “nice” about this whole “prank” and using just about every female in the western hemisphere as a human shield.

We’ll keep that in mind should it ever happen to us.

And we’re not even going to touch the bit about him not being absolutely sure that it isn’t his junk in the picture because, after all, we all have gigabytes of photos of our junk on our hard drives just waiting to be hacked into. Because we’re so very, very pretty!

There’s this rule of thumb in investigations: If absolutely no part of a story makes sense, then it’s probably not how it happened. Particularly when there’s an alternate explanation that is elegantly simple where everything does make sense.

But that’s obviously a non-story now, deemed so by the “conservative” media who’ve realized that they need to spend the time coming up with another victory speech for the next time Weepy Boner manages to roll over for the DemCong while “saving” us $1.36 in federal spending.

Why be “uncivil?” It’s just “unhelpful” and guaranteed to make every single “moderate” run straight back to Ogabe’s arms in 2012.

This country is so fucked.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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