The Queen Lizard is having the vapors over a poll that, according to him, is “pretty shocking” and clearly proves that right wingers are unstable, insane, violent nutjobs.

The poll question?:

Do you think it is ever justified for citizens to take violent action against the government, or is it never justified?

We highlighted two words in the above so even a lizardoid should be able to process the question correctly.

The “shocking” reply that had Queen Chuckles shiver with indignation and reaching for the smelling salts?:

Republican 28% yes, 64% no
Democrat 11% yes, 81% no
Indepdent 11% yes, 81% no

What we find shocking is that a full 64% of self-professed Republicans can’t imagine a situation, any situation, no way no how not ever, where violent action against government might be justified.

Our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves.

Again: The question isn’t “is violent action against the government justified now?” it’s “is violent action against the government ever justified?”

Apparently Chuckles and his braindead minions are fully understanding of the Nazis response to the Warsaw ghetto uprising in 1944 and would, had they been around, have condemned the uppity Jooos in no uncertain terms. After all, violent action against government is never justified, no matter what.

His Chief Asslicking Toad, Smellbore Guppy, can’t resist tongue-bathing Phony-Tail Chuckles’ shriveled testicles yet another time:

Killgore Trout points out that the percentage of Republicans who believe anti-government violence can be justified is about the same as the percentage of Pakistani, Indonesian and Turkish Muslims who support terrorist acts against civilians.

Because, clearly, there is no difference whatsoever between deliberately blowing up innocent civilians who have done no harm to anybody and taking violent action against a hypothetical, tyrannical regime.

Teh Stupid™ is so dense over there that it can only be described as weapons grade.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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