OK, so not entirely unexpected, it’s a long standing “tradition” for the party of the sitting President to lose seats in the first primary after the inauguration, but we’re not going to pretend that “we knew all along” because, well, we didn’t. We were cautiously optimistic that the House would hold and we were, to put it bluntly, wrong.

His Imperial Majesty doesn’t like being wrong, but when he is, he owns it.

We’re also not going to pretend that “it’s no big deal.” Losing is always a big deal, on any battlefield, and it serves no purpose to pretend that a defeat isn’t one. It just looks pathetic.

It might not, however, be quite as big of a deal as some of the “woe is us”, “all is lost” brigades are trying to make it out to be, mostly, we suspect, because they’re just as disappointed as we are. We understand. It’s tempting, it’s human, and it’s stupid and counterproductive.

It is what it is. We took a beating, now we regroup, count our losses, evaluate the changed conditions and start planning our next move. Or we could, of course, just throw our hands up, rage at the dying of the light and pretend that there’s no point in fighting on. Just like we did after Pearl Harbor, except we didn’t. And that’s the only Pearl Harbor reference we’re going to use, because this is nothing even remotely like Pearl. It’s a loss, it’s a setback, but it’s anything but “catastrophic.”

What happened to Princess Clusterfuck’s administration in 2010 was catastrophic, and it would have been even more so if the Cucks in Congress had made some use of it.

So let’s evaluate:

On the good side, we didn’t merely hold the Senate, we firmed our grip on it. Not only by grabbing a handful of extra seats, but also by getting rid of some tiresome, backstabbing, sniveling Cucks. Anybody not enthusiastic about this need to calm the fuck down, get a grip on themselves and return to their sane state of mind. It’s not only a Good Thing™, it’s pretty close to being unprecedented.

We lost the House, but the Senate is no longer run by us based on a one seat advantage and a dependence on having to suck up to Moo-Cowshit and Collins. And the Senate appoints judges which, lo and behold, they can now do at a pace that could be mind-boggling. The loss of the House is for two years. The ability to no longer have to suck Jeff Flakes flabby arse is for quite a bit longer than that.

We also demonstrated, quite clearly, that the Prozi Party’s fascist smear campaigns aren’t helping them in the slightest. To any of those who still are deluded enough to think that the attempted lynching of Brett Kavanaugh had no consequence whatsoever for the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party of America, we’d like to point this out: Four NSDWP Senators were up for reelection. The three who took part in the attempted lynching of an innocent man are unemployed as of January 20, 2019. The one Senator who didn’t, isn’t.

We’re a bit dumbfounded that the backlash from the attempted assassination of Kavanaugh didn’t have more of an effect on the House races but then, there’s no accounting for taste, and nobody ever went broke underestimating the IQ of the voting public.

Yes, we know, we’ve said so ourselves on numerous occasions, you shouldn’t go around calling voters stupid, because that’s not how to win friends and influence people. That’s true, but bear with us for a moment and allow us to explain ourselves: How anybody can look at what went on in the Kangaroo Kourt “Hearings” where the Prozi Party tried to destroy a wholly innocent person by accusing him of being a serial child rapist in front of his own children based on absolutely no concrete evidence at all, how anybody can look at two years of record employment, a booming economy, lower taxes, fewer regulations, removal of the fascist healthcare mandate and the death of numerous disastrous (to American workers) trade “deals” and then wake up in the morning and say “I’m going to vote for the other party” is beyond us, unless we’re talking about serious mental retardation.

We had the same reaction after the 2012 election. Sure, we could easily give our fellow citizens a pass on 2008, after all anybody who wasn’t a sad political junkie like ourselves didn’t know jack and shit about Princess Precious other than him being a charismatic speaker and, you know, Historical First!!! But after four years of his misrule, after the jamming down the throats of an unwilling public of the Unaffordable Health No-Care Act, just how the fuck could anybody vote for the clown again?

But enough of that. It is what it is. We’re just, once again, wondering if a substantial number of our fellow Americans are several napkins short of a picnic. Also, maybe it DID have an effect. Maybe the vaunted “Blue Wave” would have actually come about if it hadn’t been for the Brownshirt Party acting like Brownshirts. We’ll never know, and it’s a waste of time to speculate about it.

So now to the bad side: Yes, it’s a bad thing that we now have to endure endless, pointless, unfounded hearings clogging up the works of Making America Great Again. It’s a bad thing that the Fascists of the NSDWP now hold the purse strings. They are now in a position to endlessly sabotage the agenda of the President in the same way that the Republican House of 2010-2016 could have put a stop to Princess Marx’s destruction of America. Only the Prozi Party won’t be refusing to use the gun that has just been put into their hands, the way the Cucklicans refused to do anything they’d been elected to do for 6 damnable years while putting on endless Failure Theatre shows for the proles so they could follow their personal agenda of surrendering to the Prozis any chance they got.

That’s bad. That is, indeed, real bad. But it’s not a reason to give up, and if the prevailing mood among sane Americans is that we should give up because of it, then perhaps it’s time for us to pull up our Imperial Tent Poles and move to a country where people aren’t surrender monkeys. France, perhaps? No, we’re not going to. We’re Viking, and we don’t know how to quit and, besides, we KNOW that Americans aren’t surrender monkeys, we wouldn’t be so damned proud to be one if we weren’t absolutely sure of that fact. But we’re also human, and that’s why we need to be reminded, occasionally, of what and who we are. We’re writing this as much for ourselves as we are for all of our Americans, because we need it too: Get a fucking grip already.

But, as bad as seeing the gavel back in the geriatric, shaky, demented hands of Stretch Pelousy is, we can’t help but see an advantage too: First of all, the best way to destroy shitlibs is to give them a bit of power, because they will always, always take it too far, and that will never fail to blow up in their own faces. That’s how they’ve gotten to the point where they are now, where they have no choice but to go full on Marxist, and you never go full on Marxist. Any actual Marxist with a brain knows this and yes, we used to be one so we do too.

If you are thinking, right now, that having to listen to Madzine Waters and Stretch Pelousy for two years is going to be an almost unbearable torture, we’re right there with you. But you’re not the only ones being tortured. The rest of the nation is listening too. If those idiot hags had any brains, they’d be switching to full “Kumbaya Mode” right about now in order to prepare for a party platform of being the “moderate, non-divisive choice” in 2020, but you know full well that they have no brains, so they won’t. Again, they have no choice. They’ve fired up the extremist fringe, their so-called “resistance”, so much that they can’t abandon them now or they’ll have nothing then. Also, it is what they do. They can’t help themselves.

And if you think that won’t have any consequences in 2020, then we’ve got a nice Brooklyn Bridge we’d like to sell you.

Being the minority opposition party is easy. You don’t ever have to actually produce any results, you can just fire up the base by opposing. It’s once you get power and actually have the power to do something that the people who voted for you are going to expect something to come out of you other than hot air. And if you fail at that, you’re in big trouble. Now the Prozi Party has power in the House. They might do well to ponder the sage advice of the past: “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

Just look at the Cucklican Party who kept moaning that they couldn’t do anything without a majority in the House, the Senate, or whatever their excuse was for doing nothing at any given time. Then look at how little they did with that power when we gave it to them, and by “little” we mean “nothing at all” and, finally, look at how well that worked out for them, and deservedly so. They said “we can’t do anything without the House”, so we gave them the House. Then they did nothing and said “we can’t do anything without the Senate”, so we gave them the Senate. They then proceeded to do nothing at all, saying “we can’t do anything without the White House”, so we gave them the White House and they, true to form, proceeded to do nothing at all, with precious few exceptions, and that was ONLY due to the current President actually DOING something with his power and dragging them, kicking and screaming, into the action.

Does anybody honestly think that the Prozi Party is going to do better?

We don’t, but if you do, then by all means retreat into the mountains and start working on your “101 Amazing Pinto Bean Recipes That Will Save the Republic” cookbook.

Finally, the Prozi Party majority in the House isn’t really all that impressive for a “Wave”. You don’t have to turn too many of them to get things through and, we feel that we might have to remind some of you, the author of “The Art of the Deal” isn’t Nancy Pelosi. And if you can’t get things through, they won’t get past the Senate now.

Worst case scenario, we’re facing two years of the status quo which, given current circumstances, is still orders of magnitude better than what we had a mere two years ago. Best case scenario? We have no idea, and neither do you.

We just know this: We do what we always do. We fight until we can’t fight anymore.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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