Because, seriously, look at all of the dust around here!

Yes, His Imperial Majesty has been more than just a little bit absent and for that we apologize. We’ve not deserted the place or “given up” on it, this place means too much for us, not to mention how much all of YOU mean to us, which is really the most important part of it all, it’s just that life’s been a bit hectic around the palace. What, with economic issues, working entirely too many hours in the day to keep the utilities on or, at the very least, staunch the bleeding from our meager savings, and so on and so forth.

That, of course, has played a part. We do need, much as we hate to admit it, to sleep every once in a while.

But also because we’ve frankly become sick and tired of the insanity of it all. Everybody seems to have lost their shit, thrown a gasket, gone fishing, went around the bend etc., and dealing with The Daily Outrage™ every five minutes just gets so very… tiresome.

So we’ve spent a month just tuning out, mostly, from it all, and it felt good. There is only so much shouting into the wind you can do before you start wondering if you might not be better served by just holding your breath since what the hell difference does it make? Obviously mankind is too bloody terminally demented to recognize even the most basic of historically proven facts even if you beat them bloody upside the head with them until your arms grow tired so, again, what’s the point?

The point is, of course, that if nobody ever bothers to point out the obvious, even if the world doesn’t give a damn, then nobody gets to point out that “hey, we bloody well told you so, didn’t we?”

Not that THAT changes anything, but at least you can say you tried.

Well, we’ve tried for a decade and a half and we were getting tired.

But we’ll try for a decade and a half more, G-d willing, because we just simply can’t shut up.

How does it go again? “All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing?”

But we guess even good people need a rest.

Rest taken, back into the fight.

Once we get our finances back under control again, but we’re hardly alone in struggling with that in this wonderful post-Obumfuck “Utopia” in which we live, so enough about that.

And, as we dive back into the “news” again, we find that there is much to be optimistic about.

For one, we normals, or “normies” as some have taken to call us, are winning the culture war, bigly. Finally. It may not look like it to some people, but that’s because they’re not paying attention. With every hysterical outburst from the increasingly desperate and deranged Prozi left, they’re losing and we’re winning, and they’re doing it all to themselves. Best part of it is that they’re not even aware of it, so they keep doubling down on stupid.

Take the NFL suicide. Whoever in “professional” football thought it would be a good business decision to deliberately piss off the one core demographic that pays their ridiculously inflated salaries ought to voluntarily submit to a lobotomy. They’d most likely be more intelligent after the procedure, even if it went horribly wrong and ended up destroying 85% of their brain tissue. Seriously, as somebody foreign born, we would like very much for somebody to teach us just what exactly the benefits of an MBA is, because so far we haven’t met anybody with that degree who has shown any signs of intelligence that they didn’t already have before they wasted their money on getting it.

We HAVE met, however, quite an extraordinary number of individuals with said degrees who showed just about the same amount of business acumen as your average garden snail.

Or Hollywood, and their insufferable, finger-wagging exhortations to vote the Prozi ticket 24/7. How has that helped Hollywood’s bottom line? Not very much, unless actual numbers and facts are lying to us, which we’re sure that the abnormal Prozi losers will be only too happy to tell us that they are. Every new “blockbuster” out of that Marxist farm team is a giant bomb at the box office and they’re only years away from bankruptcy unless they somehow, miraculously, gather enough neurons to muster an IQ above double digits and realize that nobody’s buying the shit they’re selling.

It certainly didn’t help the demented, alcoholic, brain-damaged old felon granny Felonia von Pantsuit get elected, did it?

Academia? Oh, it’s a mess to be sure, but with Berzerkeley and Mizzou reporting catastrophic drops in enrollment rates, just to name two, it looks like the Prozi “long march through the institutions” isn’t turning out quite the way they wanted it to turn out.

And don’t get us started on the Fakenews Media, who are posting layoff rounds more frequently than Anthony Weiner sends pictures of his tiny penis to elementary school students.

There is a lot of heartache going on in the Blogosphere about how President Trump isn’t doing enough to drown the swamp critters in DC, and we agree on pretty much all of that. We haven’t heard nearly enough of his trademark “YOU’RE FIRED” to suit our tastes and we, quite frankly, cringe with the rest of you, wondering why the hell he’s not rolling out the heavy artillery more often.

The thing is, he’s the President. He’s not G-d, or an Emperor, both of which his predecessor thought he was, and he’s playing by the rules. That’s not really a Bad Thing™, when you think of it. Sure, it would be awesome to see him show the same utter disregard for the rules as O-Jugears did and hoist the Prozi fascists on their own petard, but we’re not sure that would be nearly as effective as what he really IS doing.

Listen, the situation we find ourselves in didn’t come about overnight, it is the result of normal people not fighting the culture war for decades and allowing the Prozi fascists’ Long March™ to continue unimpededly. It took them and their Soviet paymasters and no, that is NOT a conspiracy theory, we’re quite familiar with the KGB’s methods during the Cold War (and so are you, if you ever bothered to listen to the defectors who laid it out plain to see for everybody) several decades to achieve the rot we’re in right now. It was really well played by them, we have to say, with the respect you owe an opponent who’d bested you.

It’s not just going to go away overnight. First we have to take back the culture, and then the rest will follow.

As the great Andrew Breitbart said again and again: Politics is downstream from culture. Those words are some of the smartest words we ever heard anybody ever utter.

And think what you like about President Trump, but he knows how to keep the culture war going and he knows how to win it.

The NFL brou-ha-ha? In the old days, it would have been a story running for a couple of days, insincere apologies would have been offered and the sheeple would have bought it and gone back to sleep. Thanks to his “irresponsible” tweets, it has been on the forefront of the news for weeks now and people are getting ever more outraged.

Call him an idiot again if you like and it makes you feel better, we just know that it’s working.

He’s throwing the Prozi hyenas bait on a daily basis that they can’t resist, forcing them to expose themselves on a daily basis as the America-hating, treasonous, deranged, dangerous imbeciles that they really are, and it’s working.

All the rest of us have to do is to keep up the drumbeat.

Have you provoked your neighborhood Prozi today? If not, get to it.

Every time they step on their own dicks because they can’t help themselves, they’re losing.

We’ve got this. Hold our beer.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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