Did everyone forget? I’ve been looking at posts and comments here for the Empire’s position on goblins and UBL definitely fits this category and more. Let’s review something we’ve coined here in the realm:

When a goblin gets shot in the face, the Baby Jesus smiles.

OK, we’ve had sufficient time and rightly so, to celebrate UBL’s change of address, it’s time we ask some pertinent questions as to the actual truth behind this spectacular operation. It’s entertaining as hell seeing the left contorting itself from it’s pacifist bullshit position in the WOT. The socialist choir is singing Ogabelini’s praises as a C-in-C for this operation and that puts them into a position totally at odds with their stance of years. They denied that terrorism was a global threat, they opposed the use of force in support of the Bush Doctrine, they were against ‘torture’ of detainees, they want Gitmo closed, they wanted civilian trials of detainees, on and on it goes. Now their hero used pretty much all of the things they’re against to kill the most wanted man on the planet. Why the change in attitude from Teh Won? Some chatter is emerging that Jug Ears was bypassed by a high level coup consisting of Her Thighness Hillary, Leon Panetta and some high level military folks. I caught a few minutes of Quinn and Rose this morning that detailed an email from an intel squirrel that’s in the know on the decision making. (Side Note: Quinn and Rose now have the early morning slot on XM Patriot channel 125, I’ve always wished they expanded beyond their Sunday slot on this channel). Apparently it was known last August that UBL was hiding in the compound in Pakistan. The White House was given the options for a military take-down and resisted. They were quoted as being concerned that a failure would ‘hurt the pResident’s reelection chances’. This narrative seems to fit precisely with Ogabe’s normal style, indecisive and fumbling, remember his numerous ‘present’ votes while a state senator? The surveillance continued, with State and Defense becoming more irritated that the administration refused to order the take-down. Apparently the now cabal-like pro take-down gang was furious that Obamalini continued to drag his feet and through some skullduggery managed to issue a 48-hour ‘go’ order. The WH went into a tizzy over this and scrambled to rescind the order successfully. At some point things got muddled and the order was reinstated and the operation was carried out. Of course this will NEVER come to the light of day outside of our community here on the ‘net. That Teleprompter-in-Chief can now claim credit for something he fought all the way is a travesty.

These bastards can’t find their ass using both hands and stumble-Fumble into a success that they really have NO right to claim as their own. It will be entertaining for the next week or so, seeing the left continuing to deny that EIT was the real source of the intel nugget that took UBL down. It’s very very clear that KSM was taken down by waterboarding and the info he spilled in the aftermath of those sessions were the real source. I watched that asshole Alan Colmes the other night trying to spin it that KSM didn’t divulge the info when he was ‘boarded, he spilled it months later, proving that EIT doesn’t work. Uhhh huhhh, the way I see it is that any and all useful information we got after the ‘boarding was a direct result of it even months or years later. The man broke and was terrified that he’d get the dunkin’ again. No matter how they spin it, the fact remains that one of their platform issues has been thoroughly debunked.

Now we’re on this ridiculous cycle of was his killing legal or not? Why in Hades do we need the AG to pronounce the legality of something that happens in war? I see you libertarians back there saying well…congress hasn’t declared war. The GWOT is being carried out under executive order from W. That order has not been rescinded to my knowledge. The GWOT is a unique event in human history where it’s nigh-on impossible to clearly identify the hostiles. In the past we’ve had nation-states to identify as the enemy. In this case we have nothing of the sort. How would one clearly identify the terrorists without massive contortions? The only way you could stop the war would be to impeach the president, replace him and have the executive order rescinded. Other than that we proceed to use military force off-shore and that’s de facto war.

Now I know everyone is all over this already, but I want to get my 2-cents in as well. What the ever-loving fuck were we thinking deciding to give UBL a quasi-proper muslim burial at sea? I mean good L-rd man, we capped a round in the fuckers face and somebody decided they won’t hate us as much IF we give him a 45-minute service before chucking his rotten ass over the side? I tell y’all the lunacy grows and grows and GROWS in the White House. I’m of course, with the Boss on this one, give us the frackin photos? Again, we’re to believe that somehow showing the pictures will be the trigger for muslim outrage after we offed him in a spectacular way?

Just some questions that I do NOT expect answers to out of this Klown Kar Administration of children. Time to get ready for the grind so I’ll wrap this up.

-Carry On


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