Or “how His Imperial Majesty evaluates any and all ProgMedia stories involving ‘anonymous sources within the intelligence community.'”

We won’t go into all of the back and forth about Russians “hacking the election” because that’s just plain nonsense. Were they behind the Wikileaks infodump? Possibly. We don’t know that, regardless of what Assange says. He’s saying that he didn’t receive it from the Russians, and that’s most likely true, as far as he’s concerned. Because he wouldn’t know it if he did receive it from them. Unless they, for reasons unfathomable to normal people, wanted him to know.

But they are most definitely “hacking” in this country. As are the Chinese, the Saudis, the Iranians and the Germans, for that matter. Everybody out there are. Unless they’re idiots. Because we’re doing it too. You don’t gather information that you need, but that other parties would rather you don’t have, by walking up to them and asking politely.

Remember when Frau Merkel was outraged, outraged that our operatives had been listening in on them? Until, that is, it turned out that they’d been listening in on us as well. Everybody does it. That’s not news, unless you’re two years old or have the IQ of a rutabaga.

It doesn’t mean that we should shrug it off, we definitely shouldn’t, and we need to get better, much better, at keeping The Other Guys from doing it to us. ALL of The Other Guys, not just Russia.

Say, does anybody recall Ofuckhead’s sanctions and diplomat expulsions when the ChiComs hacked the OPM and grabbed the data of millions of American service members? No? Why is that, we wonder? Oh, that’s right. They didn’t embarrass the fuck out of a ProgNazi queen bee. And, besides, one socialist to another. Professional courtesy and all that.

But it’s not news. And they most certainly did NOT “hack the election.” If they had, if they’d been capable of it, Felonia von Pantsuit would have won in a landslide. They (assuming that they had anything to do with it, which they might, even though any 8-year-old could have “hacked” the DNC in between World of Tanks matches) already had her and her party utterly discredited and humiliated, hung out to dry for the corrupt, lying, sleazy scumbags that they are, so what possible reason could they, given their own national interest, have for NOT making her win?

Nobody has benefited more from the past 8 years of unmitigatedly disastrous and failed Odunderhead foreign “policy” than Putin and Russia. Out of chaos rises opportunities for others to step in and fill the vacuum, and the only vacuum stronger than the U.S. “foreign policy” of the past 8 years is the one between O-lick’em-and-stick-em-bama’s comically enormous ears. If they had a choice, they’d be IDIOTS to not opt for at least four more years of the same.

So no, they didn’t. More likely, if they were behind the DNC hacks, they did it because they expected her to win, no matter what, and wanted to steal a march on the upcoming administration by discrediting it before it had even been sworn it. Didn’t quite work out that way, though.

So back to the bit about how we evaluate stories by the ProgMedia involving anonymous “sources” within the intelligence community:

In those cases, there are only two possibilities:

1) There are no “sources within the intelligence community”, in which case any and all stories mentioning them can and should be immediately disregarded or

2) They really exist, in which case our vaunted “intelligence community” is as leaky as a sieve AFTER 8 loads of buckshot, in which case they’re a fucking disgrace, a national security risk, and should be nuked from orbit, every last motherfarking one of them, then rebuilt from the ground up.

We, personally, would much rather that 2) is not the answer, not to mention that we have a great deal of respect for those people and their importance to our nation’s security, but those ARE the only two options. Fortunately, 1) is the safer bet, since we all know by now what “according to anonymous sources” in a “news” story means. It means “all that follows is unsourced, utter BS that we just made up on the fly.”

But we suppose 2) could be possible. If so, it’s our own fault for not being serious about intelligence and who we share it with. Flapping your gums if you have a clearance to access the most secret and potentially damaging information that we have needs to be punished. And no, losing your clearance and getting a book deal and movie rights for being “courageous” is NOT “punishment.” You need to be identified, located and destroyed. Utterly. You need to disappear, never to be heard of or remembered again. First, to eliminate the threat that you pose and, second, to encourage other potentially loose-lipped traitors to zip their pie holes and keep mum.

Otherwise we’d be better of with NO intelligence community.


UPDATE: Oops. Looks like we were a bit too optimistic about the vaunted professionalism of our intelligence community. Obviously, somebody couldn’t keep his lips zipped about a meeting having taken place since the only ones who knew it had even happened were in the meeting. With clearances.

Somebody needs to “disappear.”

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By Emperor Misha I

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