From fellow Old Guarder Bill Quick, who does selfless work diving into Analpundit of Hot Flatulence’s masturbatory fantasies about Trump so the rest of us won’t have to all the time.

Yikes: Intel chiefs told Trump Russia claims to have compromising personal and financial information on him; Update: CNN video added; Update: Memos leaked to BuzzFeed.

Yeah. You could have stopped right there, Analpundit.

You’re telling us that “Intel chiefs” leaked memos who are so laughably fake that it takes all of five seconds to determine that they are, indeed, fake (seriously, the CIA referring to themselves in an official document as “the Company”? Read too many paperbacks, have you?) to, of all places, BUZZFEED???


Somebody take the magnifying glass and the tweezers away from that poor mental defective, because violating that poor innocent skin tag between his legs so furiously can’t possibly be good for him.


UPDATE: Oh G-d, please make this stop, we can’t BREATHE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Turns out our initial thought, “looks exactly like something those crazy trolls over at 4Chan might cook up” (yeah, we have two teenage boys, so we’re familiar with the place. It reminds us of our early USENet Performance Art days. In a good way), was spot on.

So CNN and BuzzFart got a hold of a trollbait piece of fanfic from the ‘channers and they RAN with it??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Troll Level: Master!

See, kids: That’s how to utterly destroy the few remaining tatters of the ProgMedia’s credibility.

Epically played, good sirs, YHBT, HAND.

P.S.: We weren’t exactly surprised either to learn that the Shame of Arizona™, McStain, had been very “helpful” in passing this trollbait on. Not just because the doddering old fool is an America-hating sack of drooling shite, but also because we imagine that some of the more, ahem, “exotic” fora on 4Chan might be… appealing to a dirty old man, so imagining him trawling the place for stimulation is entirely within the realm of likely scenarios. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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