So, “innocent choir boy black kid” gets shot down by cops in Milwaukee and riots ensue from the usual Only Black Criminal Lives Matter crowd. Multiple injuries, massive vandalism, arson, destruction etc. from the race war that the National Socialist Democrat party and their media propaganda arm created.

No news there. Nor is it in any way news that the choir boy may have skipped a few recitals in his illustrious career as an outstanding citizen:

The Milwaukee Police Department has reported that the armed man whose death sparked rioting over the weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, had a long police record and was even the subject of a case of witness intimidation.


Such a nice kid. If Princess Precious Perfect of the Immaculate Pants Crease had had a son, this is surely what he would have looked like. Look at him? Wouldn’t you have loved to have a “national conversation about race” with him? Oh, and he was armed in the altercation with the police that led to his “tragic” demise too.

All we can say is that in the view of this, it is our civic duty to unite with our Cuck fellow citizens to ensure that we can have at least four more years of the same. After all, that Hitler fellow running against Her Cankles is just right out. Have you seen how he dresses? And his just plain atrocious way of speaking. Why, it’s quite clear that if he isn’t stopped before he eats another baby on live TV, he’ll be invading Poland three hours after he’s sworn in!

As to the owners of the O’Reilly’s and the gas station that were burned down by the righteously indignant “mostly peaceful” protesting citizens, not to mention the masses of clearly guilty random whiteys beaten up in said riots. Well, check your privilege, people. You had it coming.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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