The NEUropa dictators of Brussels are flailing about ever more desperately as the peasants start to get restive:

EUROPE’S baltic states have slapped down Brussels bureaucrats by REFUSING to accept their migrant quotas.

“If you don’t take your rapefugees, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t take your rapefugees?”

Good for the Baltic States, say we. The fearsome beast that is Europa is beginning to stir and rattle its chains slightly. If the Hitler wannabes in Brussels and Berlin don’t start paying attention, they’re like to end up being the ones strangled with those chains.

The European Union is urging Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to remember their own history, when thousands fled to countries such as Sweden, in a bid to get them to accept their share.

Of course, when the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians ran from the Soviet hordes, seeking shelter from yet another brand of socialist fascism, they didn’t almost exclusively send their young, virile males, nor did they immediately proceed to rape, murder and issue demands the moment they set foot in the nations that generously took them in.

But other than that? Absolutely the same thing!

In its latest report, the EU Commission said: “Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have rejected relocation requests without providing substantiated reasons or on grounds other than those specified in the Council Decisions on relocation.”

How about “fuck you and the horse you morons rode in on”? Sounds pretty substantiated to us.

Commission spokesman, Kristine Liepina added: ”There are only two criteria based on which someone can be refused asylum or relocation within Europe.

You should have just stuck with “Commissar.” Much shorter and means the exact same thing.

“One reason is that this person poses a threat to other people’s security, namely, to local society.

Does rape, murder and vandalism constitute “threat?”

And another reason, of course, is if this person poses a threat to international security.”

And G-d knows that there is none of that posed by ISIS and their troglodytical followers and sympathizers. Just look at how swimmingly well things are going in the Middle East these days. Or in Rouen, during mass, for that matter. Or Nice. Or Paris. Or Brussels. Or Cologne. Or, or, or, or…

You’re playing with fire. Some of us do remember history, and we know that should you manage to wake up the Angry European, lethargic as he may seem at the moment, there’ll be hell to pay before he goes back to sleep.

And Arabic will be spoken only in hell.


UPDATE: Either some officials in the various German states have discovered a sense of humor not normally associated with German culture, or they’re trying to hint at something.

On Tuesday, the world remembered the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi death camp Auschwitz. The same day, the German city of Augsburg decided to turn a branch of the former concentration camp at Dachau into a refugee center.

In the middle of January, the German city of Schwerte started to move asylum-seekers who had volunteered to be relocated into a branch of the former Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald.

Or maybe it’s nothing at all. But whether it’s intentional or not, there’s a message there for a certain group of savages. A message they would be very wise to heed.

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By Emperor Misha I

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