From Jazz Shaw, just about the only writer on the Uniparty Propaganda Blog Hot Air that we can stand reading anymore, we have this:

I’ve mostly lost track of the various politicians and media personalities who have thrown up their hands in despair over the nomination of Donald Trump and declared that they are leaving the party because they can no longer in good conscience be associated with such a hive of scum and villainy. George Will did it a while back, and most recently Sally Bradshaw joined the club. Of course, the more polite ones always seem to couch their resignation letters with some kind words for those who refuse to knuckle under to the perceived inevitability of a President Hillary Clinton. These usually include some compassionate comments about how you should be free to follow your own conscience, even if it’s a shame that you don’t have the same conservative values and principles that they do.

To those idiots, we only have a few things to say. Mind you, we’re not talking about the long-suffering ones who’ve just about had enough now and who just can’t, for whatever reason, stomach the fact that Donald Trump is the nominee this year. We’re not super thrilled ourself, we’re not exactly sacrificing virgins to celebrate the fact, but we do have one question to ask:

You put up with the Quislings of the “Republican” Party selling out to the Prozi Party National Socialists for decades, you didn’t tear up your party card because of them constantly giving the Prozis whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, playing by their rules, adopting their speech codes, bending over again and again and a-fucking-gain while putting up sham “fights” that they themselves had set up so they couldn’t win because they really didn’t want to (see: Iran Free Nukes Deal, for one particularly sordid example), deliberately refusing to use rules that they could have used to stop such treasonous actions.

Yet the party nominating “not one of our kind, dearie”, somebody who, and we’re not even going to speculate whether or not he’s going to make good on them, promised to NOT do that, is the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Do you even think, you morons?

You’ve been taking it up the arse from an abusive husband in between regular beatings for decades, yet have done nothing about it, and now you’re finally going to call it quits and move into a shelter because what, exactly?

You’d like for your old raping, abusive, beating husband to come back again?

No, we’re not saying that your new protector is going to be any better because we, unlike entirely too many oracles on the “right”, don’t KNOW what he’s going to be like.

But we DO know what the bitch who is the only alternative is going to be like.

But, sure… You’ve been belly-aching about the party for years now, yet you, like we, held your nose and voted for McShitstain (or Palin, in our case) or Mittens McRomneyCare, but this is just one step too many? Hillary sounds better to you than that rude, obnoxious, outspoken plebeian Trump?

We’re not saying that anybody should NOT leave the “Republican Party”, we left it a loooooong time ago, it’s overdue for that club of overprivileged oligarchs to go the way of the Whigs, but if Trump is your reason for doing so, then we we have to question if you were really a conservative ever.

No, we haven’t bought into Trump’s many promises, we are way past the point where we believe anything coming out of the parasites of the Potomac, but we DO know what’s going to happen if Cankles is going to be president and, quite frankly, a few years of Trump saying naughty things aren’t NEARLY as scary as that. Even if it offends our tender feewings.

You want to rebuild the Republic? So do we. We swore an oath to protect it.

It’s a heckuva lot easier to rebuild something if there’s still something left to rebuild.

But maybe we’re just insane. After all, he does have a silly hairdo, doesn’t he? Not to mention all of those terrible things he says about a religion that is responsible for 99.99999999999% of murders of innocents in recent times. Let’s stay focused on what’s really important, like NAFTA, TPP and the G-d given right of Iran to build a nuclear arsenal, amirite?


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By Emperor Misha I

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