But let’s not talk about that.

Prosecutors charged that in 2015 an illegal immigrant, Jose Alejandro Najarro, tried to convince his 12-year-old victim to have sex with him, but she refused. Refusing to take “no” for an answer, the suspect allegedly raped her at his home in Kyle, Texas.

Several months later, the girl was found to be pregnant and an investigation into her predicament was begun at that time. The girl told authorities she only had sex one time and that was with the suspect.

Instead, let’s just count our lucky stars that no candidate for office has ever been as gauche as to suggest that illegal immigrants, being illegally here, might just be criminals (as in “breaking the law”) and thus prone to commit other crimes as well.

Thank Bog that our libertarian friends have prevented the undue harassment of known criminals and protected women’s rights to the point where we can at least be thankful that this 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL wasn’t “punished” with a child and that Jose didn’t have his CONSTITUUUUUUU*INSERT OINKING AND GRUNTING HERE*TIONAL rights violated.

The poor misunderstood totally not a wetback child raping piece of shit baby. Vote Kasich! For the GOP! What are you? Some kind of Hillary supporter? source


We’re done with humanity. They’re just not worth the fucking effort it takes to spit.


By Emperor Misha I

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