Via LC & IB Bill Quick.

I watched several times the entire NSFW 1:53 clip of Trump calling Ted Cruz a p**sy for having constitutional qualms about waterboarding. It doesn’t get any better when repeated. The thing that most people are talking about is his use of the vulgarity, which is pretty lowlife stuff coming from a man who wants to sit in the Oval Office. But by far the more disturbing thing was that he was calling Cruz this as a way of asserting his own willingness to torture people, and the Constitution be damned.

He was, we believe, repeating a member of the audience’s statement that Cruz was a “pussy” for having doubts about waterboarding. Never mind facts. They’re pesky. Is it unfair? We think it’s a bit harsh ourself, to be honest, but can we dispense with the nonsense about the “un-Constitutionality” of specific interrogation techniques? Does the Constitution cover military interrogations? We think not, but feel free to correct us.

We’re sick and tired of people constantly inventing new and ever more ridiculous Constitutional prohibitions and rights based on whatever point they’re trying to prove.


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By Emperor Misha I

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