So, Trump tries to play the birther card on Cruz?

“Republicans are going to have to ask themselves the question: ‘Do we want a candidate who could be tied up in court for two years?’ That’d be a big problem,” Trump said when asked about the topic. “It’d be a very precarious one for Republicans because he’d be running and the courts may take a long time to make a decision. You don’t want to be running and have that kind of thing over your head.”

Trump added: “I’d hate to see something like that get in his way. But a lot of people are talking about it and I know that even some states are looking at it very strongly, the fact that he was born in Canada and he has had a double passport.”…

Let’s get a few things out of the way first: As we’ve said numerous times before, Cruz is our guy, so we, too, were just about to go all ballistic on that one. We’re sure that some of our fellow “Cruzaders” felt the exact same way. Why, that underhanded, sneaky, blowhard, poofy-haired sonofab…

And that’s when we went “wait… this doesn’t make any sense…”

If you’ve watched the primary campaign as much as we have, and we’ve certainly loved every bit of the entertainment of it, then you, too, must have noticed how interesting it is that both of the front runners have conspicuously avoided waging full frontal war on each other. Sure, a barb here and there, but nothing like the utter devastation that the both of them have unleashed on all of the also-rans. Which is, by the way, to a large extent why they’re also-rans now.

So why not those two? Surely both of them are aware that it’s down to them now, and surely neither of them, being both very savvy, could have avoided knowing that it’d come down to the two of them at some point.

We’ve found that very puzzling. We still do.

And now this sudden low blow from Trump? Sure, some might say that it’s because he’s nervous about Cruz’s lead/tie with him in Iowa, but we honestly think that it’s about time, overdue in fact, that the nation got over its obsession with the “importance” of Iowa. Their track record as far as predicting who the ultimate winner would be isn’t exactly stellar, and by that we mean “abysmal.”

And what’s with the low key response from the Cruz campaign? “Jump the shark?” Funny, yes, but we’re fairly certain that somebody as smart as Ted could come up with something a bit more smarting than that. And by “fairly certain”, we mean “dead certain.” OK, we’ll stop explaining our British Understatements now. You LCs already know us well enough, but just in case somebody who didn’t were passing by…

We already know, if we’re honest and don’t let our opinions of the man color our judgment (always a bad idea when assessing somebody), that Trump isn’t an idiot and always has something in mind, and we know the same about Cruz. There’s a reason why they’ve both been reluctant to bash each other openly, just as there are several reasons why they should have been doing that. We know the latter, but we’ll be damned if we’ve figured out the former.

So… OK, it was a low blow. But Trump isn’t wrong. There are plenty of ways that a Cruz nomination could be tied up in court for ages, no matter how much the Harvard Law Review has stated that Cruz’s eligibility is not in question. The Harvard Law Review is not the Supreme Court. Or any other court, for that matter. And if you think for a second that the Prozi Party wouldn’t jump at filing suit after suit to protect Her Cankledness’ candidacy, then we have several beachfront properties in Arizona we’d like to sell you.

It doesn’t matter if those suits would prevail, all that matters is that they could turn the election into a shambles, which Prozis (and their predecessors, the Nazis) relish.

We all know that, in the case of a Cruz nomination, that is exactly what WILL happen.

Just because the GOPe didn’t ever challenge Princess Precious Perfect’s eligibility, doesn’t mean that the Prozi Party won’t. As a matter of fact, it pretty much guarantees that they will, seeing as how the Prozi Party got to keep the balls in their marriage with the GOPe.

So isn’t it better to get this fight out there now, rather than later? Wouldn’t it be better if the matter could be settled right now, rather than after the nomination? Get it settled, once and for all, even? The Prozis sure aren’t going to go there without prompting, it’s their kill shot in case Cruz gets the nom, after all, and it will only work if they fire it after he gets nominated when the GOP can’t make a “do over”, and Cruz can’t very well sue himself, can he? Still, the only way to get it settled with finality is through the courts.

So the only one to benefit from this would be Cruz, as far as we can tell. Now why would Trump do that? Because we can assure you that he’s not the kind of person to make a move without having studied the next five in advance, no matter how “vulgar” he may be.

No, we haven’t figured it out. The only thing we’ve got figured out is that the two of them are playing a very long game.

It’ll be interesting to watch.

And, no matter what the outcome, we rejoice in the fact that the GOPe and their unholy alliance with the Prozi Party have been destroyed. No matter what, the GOPe will never, ever be the same after this election.


UPDATE: Bill presents a very elegant and simple explanation. He just may be right, because it fits. We may just be entering the end game here.

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