It’s beginning to look a lot like Trumpmas…

Disclaimer: We’re not particularly convinced that The Donald is a good candidate, we remain a Cruz supporter, but at the current time it’s either Trump and burning the rotting carcass of a party to the ground or putting up with another establishment whore, thus volunteering ourselves for being schlonged for another 4 years, and we’re quite frankly sick and tired of taking it up the Khyber Pass out of “party loyalty” to a party that has never ever shown one shred of loyalty when their candidate got shtupped.

Or at any other time, for that matter. Witness Paul Quisling Ryan, the latest in a long series of insults, offenses and usurpations.

What difference, at this time, does it make? Mheh. The GOP is dead, it just hasn’t figured it out yet, and it will be missed by exactly nobody from a zip code outside of the Beltway.

And the hysteria now that the party apparatchiks are emerging slowly from the denial phase is priceless.

The QOTD post from Establishment Central, Hot Air, is downright hilarious right now, Dec. 24th, 2015.

“A madman,” “clown,” and “freak politics,” is how opinion-leaders in POLITICO’s fourth Transatlantic Caucus summed up the real estate tycoon and his controversy-filled campaign for the Republican nomination…

Well, if the Solons of Der Völkischer Beobachter, ahem, “POLITICO”, say so, then it must be true.

The Caucus rated “the rise of populist parties and threats to democracy” as the Continent’s third greatest threat after the migration crisis and Islamist terrorism — forces that have thrown into doubt the visa-free Schengen agreement, a cornerstone of the European Union…

And we all know what a smashing, not to mention massively popular success the European Bund, sorry, Union has been. Particularly with Europeans. You know, the ones who foot the bills and suffer the consequences of their unelected masters in Brussels’ every brain fart. What a disaster it would be if that monument to liberty and self-rule were to vanish from Earth.

Hmmm… A unified Europe (whether they want to or not), controlled by a massive, centralized, unelected bureaucracy in one city… It’s almost as if we’ve heard that one before.

And to think that we grew up being told that he lost the war.

One Caucus member said Trump’s candidacy offered only “moronic solutions to complex problems.”…

And the current regime, on both sides of the aisle, offers moronically complex “solutions” to moronically simple problems.

How about this one?:

What was new and astonishing was the Trump boom. He jettisoned party orthodoxy on issues ranging from entitlement spending to foreign policy.

The current “party orthodoxy” being “let’s give the Prozi Party everything they want and pretend that we care.”

About time for some jettisoning, if you ask us.

For those on the traditional right, one of the most infuriating aspects of Trump’s ascendance is the sense that a man described by Jeb Bush, according to Politico, as “a buffoon” and a “clown,”

¡Jeb!, by the way, has a stunning support of about 1% of primary voters at this point. IF you round up to the nearest whole number.

But he’s definitely the one to go to for an opinion on who is a buffoon or a clown.

has wrested control of their party, an institution they have spent five decades turning into the home of principled ideologues…

If by “principled ideologues” you mean “unprincipled, cheap, cowardly whores”, that is. Other than that, you’re spot on!

And that as much as anything strikes fear deep in the hearts of longtime conservatives who see 2016 as a generational opportunity to control Congress and the White House simultaneously…

…and then proceed to do nothing with it just as they always have in the past, instead surrendering to and funding the Prozi Program lock, stock and bloated barrel.

And that word, “conservative?” You use it a lot, but you don’t seem to understand what it means.

Trump lacks a basic sense of the values of the conservative movement, its jargon, or the deals struck over the years to hold the different elements of the movement together as a unified force…

And boy is it EVER unified! It’s never been as unified as it is right now, thanks to those laudable “conservative” efforts over the years.

Wait… Oh nevermind.

“I think the conservative movement has waited long enough and if there are these concerns that Trump is not the full-orbed conservative he claims to be, then people need to be making that case,” says Doug Sachtleben. “It is not like we are left with no one running. There are good choices. That argues all the more for why the conservative movement should speak up.”

We, the actual conservative “conservative movement” have been doing nothing but speaking up for years now. Remember 2010? 2014? Every year in between and after?

The problem is that you treasonous, out of touch, backstabbing, self-serving, lying, pompous, preening, pretentious, mentally deficient morons haven’t been listening.

And so we end up with Trump.

Thanks again. Heckuva job, “conservative movement.”

Ever since the modern-day conservative movement came together in support of Ronald Reagan’s candidacy in 1980, its leading intellectuals have tended to fall in line behind the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

…as long as it was their candidate, that is. Let’s see how they like it when they take one to the shorts for once.

Actually, we all know how that’s going to end, don’t we?

But that won’t necessarily be true if Trump ends up as the nominee next summer. So what would the conservative pundits do?

Most, I think, would choose to go into exile, withdrawing their support, at least temporarily, from the Republican Party. And that would be an event every bit as significant as the split in the Republican electorate that a Trump candidacy would reflect and intensify.

We believe the correct term is “devoutly to be wished…” or something like that.

Hopefully they’ll go into exile atop a volcano. About to erupt.

One hundred and four years of history is in the balance. If Trump is the Republican nominee in 2016, there might not be a conservative party in 2020 either.

There’s a conservative party? Where? Quick, man, we want to vote for their candidate! Seriously!

You “conservatives” already burned the house down. We’re just pissing on the ashes.

If you’re looking for somebody to blame, you can find cheap mirrors at Wal*Mart.

If you’re looking for sympathy…

Can’t help you there. Fuck off and die. In a fire. Slowly.


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