Why, it might hurt the precious little snowflakes’ feewings! And isn’t pandering to their pwecious feewings what an education is all about? (via our most excellent sestrichka)

After The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published in 1885, the book was boycotted in some places in the United States for portraying friendship between a black man and a white boy.

And that was absolutely taboo back then. The Democrats would have none of that racial fraternization, nosirree! The Democrats are still at it, except now they’re too cowardly to admit that they don’t much like the thought of whites and blacks being friends.

This week, a Montgomery County school removed Huckleberry Finn from its curriculum after a group of students said the book made them uncomfortable.

Get that? School is making the poor dears “uncomfortable”, and we can’t have that! We certainly can’t expose the poor little fragile freaks to something like “education” in school of all places!

principal Art Hall said in a letter to parents this week.

“We have all come to the conclusion that the community costs of reading this book in 11th grade outweigh the literary benefits,” Hall said in his letter.

The book’s use of the N-word was challenging for some students, who felt the school was not being inclusive, Hall said this week.

Soooo… The school is not being “inclusive” (whatever the hell the social justice wankers mean by that) because of something they read in a book? Did we miss something here? Did the teacher stand on top of his desk yelling “nigger, nigger, nigger” at the top of his lungs? Or is it merely the fact that there existed a time when blacks were, historically, referred to as “niggers?” Why, let’s airbrush history! That’s so very… Prozi of you.

Hmmm… this whole getting rid of books that are deemed polluting to society reminds us of something…


Yep, that’s it.

The more times change, the more Prozis remain the same.


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