As Trump is now scratching 40% in polls. Also this (via Bill Quick):

Among all voters, 55% say Trump is likely to be the Republican presidential nominee, with 25% who say it is Very Likely. Thirty-eight percent (38%) disagree, including 16% who say it’s Not At All Likely. This is unchanged from the week before but is notable given the heavy criticism Trump has received for the proposed ban.

Sure. He’s received heavy criticism. But that’s not important. The important part is from whom he’s received that criticism, and the answer to that question is “the same old tired, lying, Quisling, backstabbing Establishment hacks that the actual voters despise with the fury of a thousand suns.”

It’s baffling to anybody with an IQ above room temperature that the DC establishment and their paid lackeys in the media still haven’t gotten it into their pointed little heads just how much they’re out of touch and just how much We The People hate their guts after having been betrayed, lied to and raped over a barrel by them for decades. To the point where we will actually do the exact opposite of anything and everything they say, simply because experience, bitter experience, has taught us that going along with anything they say will end up badly for us.

Have they even taken a cursory look at how they, Congress, poll? Have they even made it to 10% or are they still struggling in single digits? That makes Congress only slightly more popular than genital herpes.

So when the GOP arseholes and their talking head boot lickers “heavily criticize” somebody, that somebody immediately gets a tick upwards in the polls.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Indeed. And they, the GOP and their spokesholes, are the enemy. They just haven’t figured it out yet.

So when somebody like our beloved sestrichka asks very good questions and makes excellent points about Trump, the answer is simple: Obviously we don’t speak for everybody here, but as to our Imperial Self, we don’t support Trump because we find him an ideal or even likable (although his constant demolishing of the GOP spokesholes and journaljizzmers DOES give him points with us, because more deserving jackarses don’t exist) candidate. No, he’s probably not even a conservative.


Well, unless we’re just going to bend over and take it up the poop chute from another mushy-mouthed, limp-wrist, milquetoast Quisling Establishment candidate who will turn around and hand the ProgNazis everything on a silver platter once again the day after he’s sworn in, just like the Quisling Party has been doing for years and years and years and years.

First they couldn’t do anything because they didn’t have the House. So we gave them the House and they refused to defund a single one of Der FUBAR’s ProgNazi programs. Because they didn’t have the Senate. So we gave them the Senate, and they proceeded to hand Der FUBAR and the ProgNazi Party everything.

Some of us have had more than enough of that, and the only “solution” we see is to burn it down. All of it. With the Quislings still in it.

We aim to kill the GOP as the traitors they are, and Trump is our murder weapon. Nothing more, nothing less.

THAT is why.

Treason has, or should have, a hefty price tag.


UPDATE: The estimable Fran points out something about Trump’s candidacy and campaign that is also important, whether he wins or loses. We agree, also, with his opinion regarding Trump the president. Read the whole thing.

Donald Trump has the temperament of a freewheeling, daring risk-taker: one who will try anything, whether because he’s confident about the consequences or is simply unconcerned about the possible downside. By essaying the various, supposedly “unspeakable” ideas he’s introduced to our political discourse this campaign season, he’d been the most useful of all the figures involved in it. He’s shown us what the public is really willing to contemplate – and it’s a much broader spectrum of policy possibilities than any of the career politicians would have dared to address.

I still don’t think Trump would make a good president. I still hope one of the more conservative aspirants – preferably Ted Cruz – will win the nod. But I think it’s time the Punditocracy allows that, whatever we might think of his ultimate political viability or value, we owe Donald Trump our thanks for demonstrating that the Overton window is at this time a product of the political class itself – and that its edges are neither impenetrable nor lethally sharp.


He has thrown the Overton Window wide open and made a lot of previously timid Americans realize that no, Virginia, you are NOT alone and yes, Virginia, you actually CAN think and say out loud those things that you had been convinced by your “betters” were too “radical” or “racist.” There are a lot of us out here, and Trump may just have started an unstoppable preference cascade with his outspokenness.

If the GOP really are serious about finding an alternative to Trump, perhaps they should start paying attention too? Perhaps they should fire their overpaid, too clever by ‘arf “consultants”, perhaps they should forget about the result of their latest focus group polling and start just saying it like it is too?

Just one word of warning, though: If you do find such a candidate, you’d damn well better make sure he actually means what he says, because if he goes full Rubio after the election there will be hell to pay. Literally.

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