We realize just how much too long we’ve forcibly removed ourself from the stupidity that is current affairs. Every day we learn that things got even more retarded in our absence than we’d even imagined!

Like the complete and utter hysteria regarding Trump’s remarks about putting a full stop for the time being on muslim immigration, at least until we figure out who we can and cannot count on and how to tell the difference.

Sounds like a plan to us. Then again, that would seem logical to just about anybody but an America-hating, fascist Prozi, no? Surely the other Republican candidates have similar thoughts? No? OK, some of them, right? Two? Just one?

Nope. They’re all howling in unison: “Why, why that’s OUTRAGEOUS! That’s just so un, un-AMERICAN!”

Is it, now? Then this nation was chock full of “un-American fascists” right up until Swimmer Kennedy and pals got our immigration laws changed to “come on, come all, no questions asked.” Because it seems to us that prior to that, this nation certainly DID limit immigration on and off, carefully selecting who they wanted and who they didn’t. As is a nation’s right.

As opposed to the non-existent “right” to immigrate to America (or any other nation in the world, for that matter) that those bovine droppings masquerading as “intellects” keep bloviating about.

We’d expect to hear that kind of unadulterated imbecility from the Prozi Democrats, but we were at least mildly surprised that so many alleged “conservatives” are so utterly ignorant of their own history that it takes a dumb furriner like ourself to educate them on the matter. Oh well.

And what’s this nonsense about putting a temporary (a word that all of the howling banshees conveniently leave out. Not that we’d be overly concerned if it were made permanent) stop to muslim immigration being a spit in the face of our “religious freedom?”

Oh sure. Our religious freedom is so important that we MUST import millions of murderous savages who will happily murder any religion that isn’t their own. Way to go promoting “religious freedom.” Keep that idiocy up and everybody will soon have the religious “freedom” to be either muslim or, well, dead. Just ask 14 innocents in San Bernardino. That’s right. You can’t, can you? Thanks to our oh so wonderful commitment to religious “freedom”. Pity our sworn enemies don’t share that commitment, no?

And finally: Spare us the self-righteous, pious bleating about how “we can’t deny US citizens reentry based on anything”, will you? Sure, you probably have an argument that we can’t deny them entry, but it seems more than a bit idiotic to us to claim that we can’t meet individuals of a certain “religion” who are returning from a islamic terrorist hotbed wearing full infidel killer garb and being of dubious allegiance at the airport and whisk them off to be, ahem, debriefed until we’re sure that they won’t go murdering a bunch of differently religioned innocents.

We’re just supposed to wave them on through? “Carry on, nothing to see here, careful to not trip over the burqa, have a nice day” based on the color of their passport or we’re somehow un-American defilers of the Constitution? Where does the Constitution say that, exactly?

But OK, if that’s your shtick, then you’re obviously fine with a certain San Bernardino mass murderer not being as much as inconvenienced at the border as he was, indeed, a US citizen.

We can give you 14 good reasons why that is absolute, suicidal nonsense of the first degree.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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