So, like many, I’ve been reading and learning about our latest example of the “Religion of Peace” showing us how peaceful they are. I have many, many thoughts on the issue, but precious little time to coalesce it all into a coherent piece and write it up for your enjoyment, derision, or befuddlement, mainly wondering why it has taken this long for the Mohmadean Savages to pull off the easiest of terrorist workplace violence attacks.

Larry Correia of Monster Hunters International fame however doesn’t suffer that particular malady. He is a virtuoso of the English language, common sense, and prose. He cranks words and thoughts out like a Marine on shore leave in Bangkok cranks out the vomit. But Correia’s product, unlike the drunken jarhead’s, is a thing of beauty. I therefore give to you, with out any blathering from yours truly, a brilliant article written in the early stages of the San Bernardino jihad workplace violence definitely not a terrorist attack.

So last night my feed was filled with posts about ban all guns, damn the NRA, hateful Christians, Republican murderers, evil Tea Party, white men are the real killers.

We’re used to that.

Any time there’s another mass murder, almost always somewhere with strict gun control, usually in a Gun Free Zone, the buzzards swoop in. The events were still in play and the president and the leading democrat candidates had already called for more gun control. People who don’t know much about the topic demand that something be done, even though all the usual proposals would actually make the problem worse, rather than better. But it doesn’t matter. They want what they want, and they’ll latch onto any tragedy as fast as possible.

The majority of people who fall for the siren song of gun control mean well. They really do want to see an end to violent crime. They want to do something. For them, I wrote this back in 2012 and it still applies: I go into great depth about mass shootings, and the issues with all the various proposed gun laws. It is one of the most widely read articles on the subject ever written.

Most people just want to fix problems. However, the buzzards? They don’t care. There’s a crisis, they want to get something out of it. Stimulus, response. Strike while emotions are high. Some want control. Others just want to posture. Since their proposals would actually make things worse, they’re scum.

Every member of the gun culture watches these things unfold and thinks, hell, here we go again. Want to know something sad? I promise at most of the gun stores around America the news was on, and everybody in there was listening, thinking some variation of please don’t be somebody the news can somehow make out to be like me… Even though the vast majority of the time the shooter isn’t one of us, has nothing to do with us, and in fact, people like us are the last line of defense against them, it doesn’t matter. We know we’re going to get blamed.

Then they’ll attack us, hound us, insult us, legislate against us, and if they can, disarm us in more ways and places… So we can be even more incapable of defending ourselves the next time somebody who isn’t us does something evil. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Then they revealed who the shooters were.

Immediately the same exact people who’d just been screeching about evil Tea Party, racist, hate monger, right wing, ciswhitehetero male phantoms, began urging calm, saying don’t jump to conclusions. It isn’t fair to tar the big group because of the actions of a few. Watch out for that hateful rhetoric, because you might inflame people.

Sure, they had no problem making sweeping generalizations and “inflaming” half the country a few minutes ago… But that’s okay. Because when the left talks about how violent and blood thirsty the right is, they’re just virtue signaling for their tribe. If my people were a fraction as evil and hateful as they portray us, they’d never say a word. They do it because they know it is safe to do so. Christians aren’t going to saw their heads off. The Tea Party isn’t going to set off a car bomb in front of their house. Ever notice how to the media talking about radical militant Islam is islamophobia, but there’s no equivalent media buzz word for being irrationally terrified of half of America?

We all saw the idiotic meme floating around with the thing about how there had been something like three hundred and fifty something mass shootings this year. The only problem? It’s crap. It isn’t the FBI’s definition of that particular crime. They changed the definition to anything where multiple people got shot, so it’s mostly gang violence, drug crime, and even includes things like family murder suicides. Worse, it looks like some of those “mass shootings” never even happened. For my low population, heavily armed, but really low crime state, they list like half a dozen! A friend of mine went through them, found most were regular crimes, and couldn’t even find a single news report about one of the supposed events.

Even then most of those three hundred “mass shootings” took place in jurisdictions with extremely strict gun control laws, like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and Washington DC. They usually happened in cities that haven’t elected a republican in generations. So who gets blamed? People in red states where we own piles of guns and have crime rates similar to Canada. I hate to break it to you but no matter how many restrictions you put on gun ownership in Nebraska, people in Chicago are still going to get shot.

In reality gun ownership is at an all-time high and violent crime is way down. In a country of three hundred million people we have some mass shootings, but they’re actually very uncommon. However, they get a huge amount of news coverage. I talk about it in great length at the link above, but breathless, panicked, 24/7 media come aparts bestow instant celebrity and infamy, which actually spurs on and motivates one particular type of mass killer.

And San Bernardino? Straight up terrorism. Like dictionary definition terrorism. Like the kind that the prog vultures all railed against George Bush for being so naïve and awful with his “fighting them there rather than here” approach. We certainly ended that imperialistic strategy. So how’s that working out for you now western world? If you think three coordinated, body armor wearing, bomb building, planned in advance, Go-Pro wearing, shooters just suddenly sprung into existence as “workplace violence” because of an argument at a Christmas party, you’re smoking crack.

No amount of gun control matters to a militant jihadist. In the other article I talked about how criminals, by definition, don’t care about the law. Terrorists are criminals on steroids, and militant Islamic death cultists think they’re bringing about the apocalypse and they’re cool with that. Militant Islamic radical terrorists aren’t going anywhere. They’re in it to win it.

But hey, let’s make even more places gun free zones! That’ll show them.

I’m not naïve enough to think that if some random bystander at this particular event had been armed with a concealed weapon, everything would have turned out peachy. That’s foolish. The only constant about gun fights is that they suck for somebody. However, a good guy with a gun might make a difference. We’ve seen time and time again that any speed bump can derail a mass killer. A fire extinguisher doesn’t guarantee that your house won’t burn down, but responsible adults all have one just in case.

At this point the willfully ignorant will trot out their hypothetical worst case scenarios, about how a civilian with a gun would just make things worse. Just shut up. You people have a childlike grasp of the subject. When terrorists are engaging in mass butchery, it is difficult to make that worse. At best, you might end the threat. At worst, congratulations, you were a distraction or a speed bump. It beats hiding under your desk praying to God that you’re not the next one to die.

When everybody is legally disarmed, the only people who will be armed are the bad guys. Bad guys love that. Then your options are to run or hide until the police (who all the same vultures constantly rail against) show up to try and save you. In military tactics there’s a thing called defense in depth. If you are in a combat zone you don’t just arm the troops on the front line, you arm the support troops behind them too, because bad guys try to find a way through to attack where you are most vulnerable. When terrorists want to make everything into a combat zone, letting regular people carry guns is defense in depth.

California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. California has what is known as May Issue concealed carry, which means that it is up to the local sheriff who is allowed to get a concealed weapons permit, which in all the blue counties means that concealed weapons permits are only issued to rich folks who donate lots of money to politicians, or body guards for movie stars.

California has an assault weapons ban. The terrorists didn’t care. California has high capacity magazine bans. The terrorists didn’t care. They’ve got all sorts of ridiculous rules with registries, approval lists, mandatory locks, safety tests, bullet buttons, and other forms of voodoo completely unintelligible to red state America, but the terrorists still didn’t care.

Of course they don’t. Because when you are planning to go out and commit a couple hundred felonies, including murder, you don’t give a damn about gun control laws. And they love Gun Free Zone signs, because that means before the cops can get there, they’re going to get several uninterrupted minutes of carnage footage on their Go-Pro to upload to ISIS propaganda websites.

So the vulture solution? Make the terrorists’ mission even easier. Further disarm the target populace. That will show them. Blame the culture the responders, soldiers, and cops come from instead.

I saw so many people bleating yesterday to round up all the guns! Ban them all! Won’t somebody think of the children! Don’t let the part where that is logistically or strategically impossible hold you back. This includes congressmen, senators, and heads of media corporations. It is kind of funny, because once stuff calms down the same people will look me in the eye and tell me nobody wants to take my guns. Uh huh. I have another friend who collects these quotes from VIPS. One nice thing about when the vultures swoop, at least they’re honest and tell us what they really want. Briefly.

Paris, Mumbai, Beslan, and coming soon to a Gun Free Zone near you. There are hundreds of terrorist attacks in Africa and Asia that don’t even make our news because they don’t fit the vulture narrative.,_2015 Democrats can’t find a way to milk the American people for those tragedies, so why bother covering them?

But don’t worry. Climate change? They’re all over that. Now that we know the latest killer’s weren’t Catholic Libertarians the news will go back to freaking out about the weather. It is kind of funny how you can name any crisis, any crisis at all, and the inevitable solutions demanded are always giving the government more control.

This administration is a bunch of clueless screw ups who can’t concentrate on real problems because they’re too busy freaking out about imaginary ones, and most of our media exists to provide them cover, yet your solution is to make them the only line of defense?

What did we see floating around social media right after Paris and a few days before San Bernardino? Another dumb article about how the real threat in America is dangerous “right wing extremists” and how they’re far more likely to kill you than Islamic terrorists… All my well-meaning liberal friends were sharing it after Paris, like see? See? Who are the real monsters?

Sure, a few seconds of cursory research would show that this “study” was statistical bunk for a variety of reasons, like they just redefined “terrorism” the same way that other study redefined “mass shootings” so they could cherry pick every regular, run of the mill, violent crime involving some angry white dude as “right wing extremism.” Of course, they could have done the same thing with every violent crime involving some angry black dude and labeled it “black extremism” but then that would have been a really big number and that would have been racist. Yes, whites kill more people than Muslims in America. Since whites make up like 75% of the population and Muslims make up around 1% they’d have to try really hard to catch up. African-Americans make up around 13% of the population but account for 45% of homicides (and are also overwhelmingly likely to be the victims), but again, they don’t want to chalk those murder numbers up to “extremism”, because to the vulture narrative is everything.

Or it could just be that this stuff is complicated and there’s more to it than just guns, like poverty, education, drug abuse, where you live, and what violent subcultures you belong to. Crime is an extremely complex issue. Anybody who boils it all down to one root is trying to sell you something. In this case, they’re selling gun control. Judging by how Americans purchased enough guns last weekend to arm the Marine Corps, apparently we aren’t buying the narrative.

I’ve seen people freak out about recent gun sales numbers, how Americans buying guns shows “fear”. Well no kidding. Every time some evil asshole shoots up something, we’re afraid democrats are going to ban everything. Nothing makes Americans want something like telling us we shouldn’t have it, so whenever Barack Obama bloviates on the topic sales go through the roof. I’ve also seen this bizarre idea that it is somehow racially motivated, and this is all the fault of the dreaded cishetwhitemale boogieman buying guns because of racism. I’d have to ask Colion Noir or Alfonzo Rachel about that, because I’m pretty sure the 2nd Amendment is for everybody. If the vultures could have seen the diversity of the folks that I signed off for concealed weapons permits, it would blow their little bigoted minds. It was like the rainbow coalition, but with guns and a clue.

Oh, and that meme about how the NRA would surely be in favor of “reasonable” gun restrictions if large numbers of black men started getting CCWs? You do realize the NRA was founded by former Union officers in order to train blacks how to shoot in order to defend themselves against democrats, right? And that American gun control laws originated to keep blacks and other “undesirables” from being armed?

All you Black Lives Matter folks and all the people who’ve been suckered into thinking everything is about race? Terrorists don’t give a shit what color you are when they hit the detonator. The cops you hate? Most of them are just people, and they’re the ones that shot the terrorists in San Bernardino. Crooked corrupt cops? We don’t like them either, because they’re assholes. Now congratulations, you should go buy guns and get your concealed weapons permits too, so you can be useful when militant or crazy assholes decide to shoot up something in your neighborhood. Oh wait, sorry. Except for those of you who live in corrupt, blue state, democrat-controlled-for-generations cities, because the democrats you elected won’t allow you to buy guns or carry them. They disarmed you so they could feel safe.

Wait? So how come my people are the bad guys again?

In the comments of my last blog post somebody tried the tired old trick of comparing America’s crime rates to some idolized Euro-socialist states. That’s apples and oranges. You can’t compare a giant country that is socially, ethnically, economically diverse with a long history of issues to some tiny, socially, ethnically, and economically homogenous country with a total population that would fit into New York, and blame the discrepancy on gun ownership rates alone. Apples to apples? Chicago crime rates versus Houston. Detroit versus El Paso. The Texas cities are actually more economically and racially diverse, not to mention across the border from violent narco-trafficante revolucion Mexico and not big peaceful Canada. The Texas cities also have super lax gun control laws and easy access to concealed carry. Only I’m not going to try and blame a bunch of complex issues on one single cause, because I’m not the one trying to pass laws taking away anybody’s rights.

The vulture punditry even attacked prayer this time. That was different… A new low, but at least original. This was particularly funny, considering all the democrat politicians praying last night that the shooters would be some white right wing gun nuts. Belief is so crazy, which is why they believe gun control will work, despite history, human nature, and evidence, simply because they have faith.

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By LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E.

Former USMC infantryman, proud father of a current USMC infantryman and two Princesses who know what that means. Currently an NRA law enforcement firearms instructor, radar instructor, CPR instructor, a few others but you get the point. Catholic, conservative, heterosexual, gun owner, anything I can do to piss off liberals.

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