…the which we’ve assiduously stayed out of because we, we freely admit, were among the “sure, it’s just a PR joke campaign” crowd when he first stood up and declared his candidacy and because we, not knowing terribly much about the man at the time other than he has a funny hairdo, he’s a loudmouth and he’s fabulously rich and a good businessman, couldn’t really imagine him as president.

He’s sounding more and more presidential every time he opens his mouth, though. The more you learn. We’re still a Cruz supporter, or Carson for that matter, but we’d happily vote for Trump if he, as it very much looks like, ends up being the candidate. There’s something about the man that makes us like him more and more. What can we say?

Of course, one of his strongest points is how much the Vichy GOP hates, hates, HATES him, to the point where the Establishment Swine are running multi-million dollar smear campaigns against him, a candidate for their own party, the same Establishment Swine who always tell us, when they manage to nominate another appeasing coward milquetoast for the post that WE have to hold OUR noses because SOLIDARITY. If you’re hated that much by those Quisling swine, then there HAS to be something good to be said about you. The muslims of San Bernardino seem to hate him too. Thank you, goat-molesting perverts of San Bernardino, thank you from the Trump campaign. His polling just went up by about 20 percentage points thanks to that remark alone.

But that’s not all there is to the man. His outspokenness, his sticking to his guns, his utter lack of fear in calling things for what they are and, quite frankly, his track record in fixing shit and turning it around (and who would deny this country is in dire need of fixing after 7 years of socialist fascism?), those are all things that tell His Imperial Majesty that this guy might actually do some good in office.

And he’s forced the other candidates to speak “unspeakable” things. Such as pisslam not being a peaceful, loving, tolerant religion. More importantly, by saying those things out loud with his enormous megaphone, he has brought millions of Americans out of the woodwork, millions who previously thought that they were a minority that probably ought to keep their mouthes shut and their profile low “because everybody else disagrees with us.” Well, everybody else DOESN’T.

Whenever Trump or Carson say stuff like “Sharia isn’t compatible with the Constitution” or “securing our borders ISN’T impossible”, two things happen: The entire GOP Vichy Class and their friends in the DNC Media have conniptions, declaring their candidacies over for their racism/fascism/[insert bullshit her]phobia AND 80% of actual VOTING AMERICANS nod and think “yeah, dude’s right, that’s what I’ve been thinking for years.”

Anyway, the fuckheads of the DC Establishment are now calling Trump a fascist. Which is funny as well as predictable. After all, that’s what socialists always call their enemies when they can’t defeat them on the battlefield of logic, reason and ideas. We only wonder why it took them so long. (Thanks to LC and IB Bill Quick):

The Republican establishment, that lumbering beast, still can’t decide on how and whether and when to go after Donald J. Trump. But last week a few Republican insiders floated an accusation that you usually hear liberals sling against the right: That the real estate magnate turned populist is actually a fascist.

Not really surprising that it’s coming from the “right” since quite a few of us have known for years that the GOP is as far away from “right” as you can be without tattooing a hammer and sickle on your wedding tackle. The GOP/DNC is one party, and they have been for ages. They just swap chairs occasionally to fool the yokels. Sadly, that has worked very well for them for quite some time. We have a feeling that it’s about to not work so well anymore, and that’s why they’re panicking.

The hook for this charge was Trump’s illiberal musings about Muslims and databases and his lies — or, to be charitable, false memories — about cheering throngs of Muslim-Americans after Sept. 11.

Lies? Exaggerations, to be sure, but we clearly remember those days and we most certainly did see several outbreaks of at the very least smug satisfaction from muslims and muslim sympathizers in this country in the aftermath. Just because the local newspapers and TV stations have been busy memory holing their own inconvenient footage from those days doesn’t mean that it never happened.

But the charge can be easily fleshed out with more examples. Writing for Slate last week, Jamelle Bouie argued that Trumpism, however ideologically inchoate, manifests at least seven of the hallmarks of fascism identified by the Italian polymath Umberto Eco.

Well if Slate says it, then it has to be true!

They include: a cult of action,

Or, as it’s colloquially known: A call to do something about a problem rather than to sit around and jaw about it for another two decades while doing absolutely nothing at all. Yep, we can get behind that. Jawing, hemming and hawing didn’t do much to stop Hitler in ’38 and ’39, did it? If only Chamberlain had been more of a “fascist.”

a celebration of aggressive masculinity,

So any male who’s not a beta, hipster, submissive doormat is now a fascist? Gotcha. We wonder how Umberto had time to write all of those excellent books considering how he must have spent most of his time in the kitchen, knitting sweaters and making sammiches. If, that is, that’s really what Umberto meant, which we doubt.

an intolerance of criticism,

See also: Obama, Barack. Oops.

You know, Russ Fuckhat (no, you obviously don’t know), not all criticism is worthy of consideration or tolerance. Some of it is just downright inane. See also: Every criticism ever to emit from the socialist fascist swamps of the DC Establishment.

a fear of difference and outsiders,

Those fascist Poles, being all a-fearful of those nice, peaceful, friendly Nazis in Berlin!

a pitch to the frustrations of the lower middle class,

That’s… sort of what leaders are supposed to do, you know. Again: No, you obviously don’t. I suppose that in order NOT to be a fascist, you have to be wholly indifferent to the trials and tribulations of the people you want to vote for you.

an intense nationalism and resentment at national humiliation,

If you are not proud of, and resentful of the humiliation and degradation of the nation you’re wanting to lead, then you seriously ought to be looking at another career path. Or just go ahead and run for the DNC or the Vichy GOP (but we repeat ourself).

and a “popular elitism” that promises every citizen that they’re part of “the best people of the world.”

Of course you are, you idiot! If you walk around thinking that you’re NOT the best you can be, then why the fuck aren’t you rolling up your sleeves and trying to correct the problem, you lazy, spineless, cowardly, whiny, metrosexual freak? So unless you’re deeply insecure with inferiority complexes coming out of your ears you’re a fascist???

Either you and Slate need a refresher in “reading for comprehension” or Umberto Eco was the dumbest fuck to ever live, and we have a feeling that we know which one is more likely.

The list of “fascist” traits you describe are pretty much a perfect description of any successful leader throughout history, good as well as bad, so your argument really is that what this nation really needs is another weak, self-denigrating, submissive, ineffective, do-nothing sack of shite.

To which we, the people, say “no thank you. Tried that already. Now go cry into a glass of artisanal wine while you have a mani-pedi, Fuckhat.”


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