We very deliberately didn’t mention the San Bernardino sudden jihad outbreak when it happened for two reasons:

1) 24 hour rule. Early reports are full of unadulterated bullshit, and you mostly end up having to wipe egg off your face for days if you go by scattered reports from “eyewitnesses”, the reliability of which is notoriously low, vital though they are to any complete investigation. But that’s after the fact, when you can much more effectively sort the wheat from the chaff, the intel from the noise and the muslims from the human beings.

2) There really was no need, was there? There were a few things that seemed consistent across the board with all of the snippets coming in from all directions. There was more than one shooter. Again, eye witnesses generally inflate the number of shooters, but there weren’t anybody saying there was just one. At the time the number was three, but we believe law enforcement when they state now that there were only two. They should know as they were the ones who sent the islamic pigs to hell, G-d bless them. But more than one is important. Then there was the radio traffic with frequent mentions of “Middle Eastern-looking” and “Syed Farook”, not exactly your typical Methodist name, if you know what we mean. And then of course the “black dress” and the mention of explosives.

Again, there was a lot of info streaming in while this was going on, but the above kept coming in consistently and from different sources, and that’s generally a sign that there’s something to it.

So… Multiple perps, multiple weapons, black dress code, Arabic name… You do the math. There really wasn’t much point in speculating what was really going on here, was there? Particularly since it’s hardly the first instance of “sudden and inexplicable jihad syndrome” in recent history. Just ask the Parisians. The ones that are still alive, that is.

So of course the “press” has circled the wagons and are in full “don’t mention Islam” mode, preferring instead their usual “gun control” and “workplace violence” narrative.

Because if there’s one thing that California doesn’t have, it’s “sensible gun laws.” It’s basically the Wild, Wild West out there! So clearly they need more of what they already have more than the rest of the nation of that already has been proven every single time doesn’t work. Gun control=no pipe bombs. It’s logical, don’t you know? I’m sure at least a few of the innocent victims in San Bernardino had time to think “damn, I wish I’d had a gun so I could shoot back” before they were brutally murdered by the savage, muslim barbarians.

And clearly it was just a case of “workplace violence” and had absolutely nothing to do with a fanatical belief in a death cult of a “religion” that is fast getting to the point where they might surpass the current record holder among sick, depraved cults and religions when it comes to body count: Socialism.

We’re absolutely sure that the reason the muslim mental basket case and his “wife” kept a stash of weapons, body armor and explosive devices were just in case one day Chad from accounting made an insensitive remark about mohammed.

We Christians do it all the time! We, personally, have at least a dozen Claymores, 50 pounds of C4, various and sundry detonators and timing devices, four sets of battle armor, and a few thousand rounds of ammunition ready just in case that bitch Sandra in human resources ever dares tell a joke about a priest, a rabbi and an atheist walking into a bar! Not really, so you can put your no-knock warrant back down now. We were being sarcastic, dear unknown FBI agent assigned to browse really “dangerous” conservative Christian websites while under strict orders never to say “Islam”.

But, by all means, let’s import a few tens of thousands of “Syrian” “women and orphans” (who all happen to be males between the ages of 18 and 45, if European reports are to be believed) so we can have more of this.

Meanwhile, this gargantuan brain fart of Geraldo’s (thanks to readerjp, LC, GLOR) made us laugh out loud.

Yeah, Geraldo. Keep sticking that smell foot of yours into your gargantuan, gaping maw, why don’t you?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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