Australia’s system of government makes sense. Its based more or less on the Westminster system, a Parliament, a Prime Minister, a House of Representatives and a Senate.

Our Constitution can be found here, if you’d like to take a look.

One of the pitfalls, flaws, call it what you will, is that we vote for a party and NOT a head of state or a specific President. Part of that is the fact that within a party, if they are in power, they can call whats known as a spill motion to throw out the leader of the party, who is at the same time, Prime Minister.

A few days ago, thats exactly what happened.

And for the fifth time in as many years, Australia has a new Prime Minister, chosen not by the people, but by a party room vote. Tony Abbott is no longer Prime Minister, instead we have a guy named Malcolm Turnbull, who managed to get enough votes to become party leader.

Depending on who you talk to, this is a good or a bad thing.

Personally, I am disgusted and furious, not to mention the fact that to a lot of people, they have been handed yet again a national leader they did not want, and did not vote for, when the election occurred. The sad part is what we have seen is a series of vicious personal attacks, white anting, undermining..all designed to bring him down. There are those who say he hadn’t “learned” enough to lead properly, and a lot of it can be sheeted home to whats called “poll panic”.

Look at it this way: based on polls you could have had Joe Biden step in and remove Obama as President….or have Hillary organise a “spill motion: and SHE would be President. How’s that for a nightmare scenario?

Your system of government doesnt allow for that. It may have its flaws, but that aint one of them.

Be very very grateful this is so.

There have been calls for an election , as rightly so, the people of this country have had a gutful of this kind of backstabbing and musical chairs with the office of Prime Minister..we need stable government and what we have is anything BUT. Both parties Labor (the left) and Liberal (supposedly conservative..yet these clowns are all for gun control, and happy with the nanny state we live in…blech), are very much on the nose with voters. This is seen as yet another Rudd / Gillard / Rudd fiasco..with a side comment on how long it may be before someone ELSE gets that “lean and hungry look” and decides to get the numbers to topple Turnbull.

It if wasnt so serious it would be funny….but it’s not a joke at all. I get this sinking feeling that we are indeed living in “interesting times”.

By LCBren

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