’s entirely too quiet around these parts of late. My lousy excuse is that my current life has me working 90+ hours weekly. Not that it’s a bad thing, but sleep is at an all time premium for me. I’m on the mid-watch as I’m writing this, and this is my “full-time” job day off as well. The details would be boring to y’all of the whys and wherefores, but in general life is pretty good right now. I don’t have what I really want, but I have what I need to be as comfortable as possible in my current chapter of life.

This is going to be a tough one, very as it’s a very touchy subject and I want to make it very, very clear up-front, that in no way would I ever disparage our heroic male and female veterans that have genuinely given a full measure of devotion to serving this nation. But there’s an epidemic of fraud, rampant among many of our veterans of OIF and OEF.

I’m speaking from first-hand knowledge based on careful observations as well as conversations with professional health-care providers.

The game is to play the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) card solely to get a VA “percentage”. The percentage being disability payments for life, with the gold prize of achieving 100%. Others play the game to get a VA pension for the same ka-ching for life. There are some variations of how they are getting it. It appears to me that while on active duty these folks have received information on exactly how to “act” out the symptoms of true PTSD. Additionally among our female veterans, there are many claims of sexual assault that the professional folks involved in their care are able to prove false, yet it’s very un-PC to even consider denying what are obvious fabrications. They all get to hit the taxpayer bank regardless.

It’s a sad thing to hear 20-something vets foolishly thinking that when they get “their percentage” that they’ll be set for a work-free life. We’re paying for the “entitlement” generation here. They all believe they’re owed something more following their service, so they see no wrong in making false claims and navigating through the system to get that money for nothing and check (for life) free. Again, I want to make it clear that there are indeed many vets that suffer from this terrible disorder and have actually been sexually assaulted, but as the old saying goes it seems the government has given up on “separating the wheat from the chaff”.

Any guesses as to where these young people stand politically?

Damn right, behold the Obama generation coming back from war. They’re going to vote for the rest of their lives for whoever promises them the most of other people’s money. Listening to their discussions among themselves is nothing short of disgusting. They compare notes on how to squeeze every nickel out of the system. My biggest pet peeve is the “bad back” crowd. Most of them manage to con the VA into buying them the power chairs that cost damn near as much as a good used car. The bad backs disappear when there’s a freebie or two being given out, or it’s time to grill some steaks up for dinner. It’s simply amazing how those “disabilities” come and go, eh?

This will be millions of dollars of other people’s money being pissed away and it’s not politically correct to even mention the blatant fraud in front of you.

That wouldn’t be patriotic now would it?


-Carry On

JB sends from the den of thieves…..

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