Tinfoil hats are not yet fashionable. And yet we live in times where an Administration willfully ignores court orders it does not like, where the White House says that it has the right to spend money not appropriated by Congress even when specifically denied by Congress, the Justice Department [no sarc tag yet, but it would not be totally out of place] openly and proudly ignores the equal enforcement of the law in favor of racial and political favoritism, and the BATFE has been caught in the act of illegally smuggling guns across the border to arm the Drug Cartels in order to justify disarming Americans. Further the Administration has decided to pretend that demands for specific documents by Congressional committees investigating specific acts of criminal malfeasance by its officials do not have to be responded to.

Add to that, the detail that the Debt Limit has been reached faster than projected. As of the 20th of this month, the national debt was 14,314,796,837,035.76 according to the US Treasury Dept. [UPDATE– that was the figure I got when I checked the figures I was given a couple of hours ago. The figure is changing. As of 1642hrs MDT, it was $14.29 Trillion. The figures were accurate as of the writing. However, pretty much any numbers the regime puts out turn out to be fiction anyway.]

The Debt limit is $14.294 trillion. Due to accounting tricks, not all the debt counts at this very moment, and we have a sum total left on our Federal credit card of $26 BILLION. That is a rounding error margin. Also according to the Treasury Department, that they have scheduled new bond sales next week of $99 BILLION.

Unless they have changed the nature of arithmetic suddenly in the 3rd Year Anno Obama; 99 is still larger than 26. It is not unreasonable to consider the possibility that the Administration is going to deliberately and with malice aforethought, throw off any Constitutional fiscal restraints from the Legislative branch. Next freaking week.

Toss in a shifting of the space-time continuum during that same year AO, in that the illegal and unconstitutional war in Libya entered into exclusively by Buraq Hussein and his cabal of co-conspirators [the Obama-esque “days not weeks” has become a month in real world terms] and the non-existence of an opposition party in Congress [see Boehner’s deliberate deception of his own base in order to preserve Democrat spending and priorities] and we have had an incredibly eventful month. And none of those events have been of the good kind, for either the country, its people, or its future.

There are descriptive words for when a nation’s Executive deliberately operates outside the Law, and the Constitution; when the Courts have no power over the Executive, and the power of the purse is denied to the Legislative. I will leave the LC’s to choose which ones that they want to use.

I may be wrong, but I suspect that more than a few of the citizens of the Empire are not going to take kindly to this situation. They might be inclined to take an action or two that might not be approved by the regime of Buraq Hussein; even if that action is only a desire to live one of the verses of Jefferson and Liberty:

“Well no Man is good or wise enough,
To rule another and disown,
The Right of every Woman and Man,
To live and let live, and be left alone.”

Thus, purely in the interest of theory, some factors to keep in mind.

Since 2005, all cell phones have been required to have E911 locator capability, defined by the FCC as the phone must provide the latitude and longitude of callers/calling cell phones within 300 meters, by either GPS or tower triangulation. Phones put out the base signal for this regardless of whether the phone is turned on or off. The only way to cut it off is to physically remove the battery. To the best of my knowledge, this is not used for routine tracking purposes; albeit one can assume that the capability is there. I know that it is used in my state by the highway department. When you see those real-time, traffic flow signs on the side of the highway saying “x” number of minutes to “y” destination ahead; it is based on automatically measuring the movement of cell phone tracking signals on that stretch of road. The capability to track an individual’s movements at will without a warrant is inherent in the system, and is something that one should be aware of.

But there is something new that should be widely known. I first got interested when it was reported that the police in Michigan had a device that they were using routinely on traffic stops to download copies of all the data in cell phones in the cars they were stopping. The ACLU [this being a government intrusion too far even for them] screamed like a ruptured Bann Sidh; and was told by the Michigan police to FOAD. Later reports include the claim by Michigan police that they of course only use the devices pursuant to warrants, and by the way, they want $500k for information about the devices and how they are used. This is going to end up in court.

That piqued my interest. And there was more. On the 20th of this month, proof was submitted to a technology conference that Apple iPhones and 3G iPads have been recording and storing the locations of the devices in hidden files on board for over a year, ever since an update to the mobile operating system was installed. When your portable device is synched, it is also stored on your desktop or network. It is unencrypted, hackable, and not an accident.

More data came out the next day and today. According to the Wall Street Journal, they have confirmed that the Apple devices and Google Android devices are not only recording their locations every few seconds; but also transmitting all the information back to the home company several times an hour.

This is not good people. A friend of a niece commented that it proves that it is not the government that you have to watch. My response is that if the corporate world is working hand in glove with the government; then it is just a way to get around the need for warrants to spy on or track people. Keep in mind that Google is a major supporter of the regime and despite their “Don’t be Evil” corporate motto; they helped build the Great Firewall of China and have turned Chinese anti-government dissidents over to the Chinese secret police. They only got crosswise with the secret police when China started stealing their technology. Losing the ability to continue to make a profit off of concentration camps is where they draw the line. They have no problem with such camps themselves.

Apple and Steve Jobs threw themselves 100% into the Obama camp. There is no way that they would not rat out people on request.

In a way, it is a pity. My second computer was an Apple IIe, and I have wanted to convert from Windows to a Mac for years. Right now, I would not take an Apple device if it was a gift, and y’all couldn’t pay me to take anything from Google. Your mileage may vary, but I figure if I am going to be tracked, I am not going to pay them for the privilege.

Once again, purely theoretically; one can buy a pay as you go phone, register it as one of Obama’s fictional internet donors which gives an extremely wide span of possible alias’, insert and remove the battery pro re nata, and dispose of it after destroying the SIMM card when you are done. Just theoretically, of course, if evil times should ever come upon us.

Oh, and to all, a belated Happy Patriots Day. May we be worthy of those who have gone before.

LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

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By LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

Retired Peace Officer. Living History re-enactor [Co.'I', First US Dragoons] crewing a 12 lb. Mtn. Howitzer. Publish an online newsletter on military and political affairs [by email, largely because it goes to deployed troops. Thus this is not link-whoring.]

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