Hey I’m as tolerant as the next person on the gay ‘issue’, but some things are just too sacrosanct to use as props. Here is a prime example that just sickens me.


The implication that last Friday’s SCOTUS ruling can be likened to the sheer hell that our courageous Marine Corps faced taking that mountain is beyond the absurd. Yes, I know it’s a First Amendment issue and they have every right to produce and publish such a mockery, but damned if I’m not going to speak out about it. The LGBT movement didn’t take a mountain with blood, guts and courage, they merely caught the right bench at the right time in history to make “progress”. Mind you, progress that flies in the face of biology and G-d’s creation of us all.

I suppose they miss the irony that those very men on Iwo Jima died in getting that flag raised in order for them to be where they are today, is lost entirely on them. In doing so they spit on the valor of the United States Marine Corps.

How about a smidgeon of gratitude and leave one of the very symbols of America’s greatness alone.


Carry On-

JB staying afloat in a sea of blue.

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