It’s been fun (for values of “fun”) watching how the last shreds of the Republic have been burned to ashes, then pissed upon by the new Imperial Government in Washington DC, hasn’t it?

We mean, first we get the unelected Black Robed Tyrants deciding that when ObongoCare says “subsidies are only for states with ObamaExchanges”, it doesn’t actually mean “subsidies are only for states with ObamaExchanges”, but “subsidies are for all states.”

Why? Because the Supreme “Court” says so, that’s why. They alone know what the legislature really meant when they wrote a law, you see, and it is up to them to tell us unwashed serfs what that is, even when what they “meant” (as per a handful of unelected fascists) is exactly the opposite of what they wrote and passed as a law.

And there is fuck all you can do about it, peasant. Because those elite patricians of SCOTUS can’t be unelected and, more importantly, they’re the only “coequal” branch of governments whose diktats can’t be overruled. The other, not quite as “coequal”, branches don’t have that luxury. And their diktats, unlike mere laws passed by elected representatives of the people they rule over, stand forever, because whenever another case comes up, stare decisis, that abortion of a “principle”, demands that a decision, however ancient, must still be adhered to.

Fun having a Republic, wasn’t it? We must remember to tell our children and grandchildren of it when they get old enough to not believe a word of what we’re saying.

Oh, and how about the same sex marriage diktat? That was fun too, wasn’t it? Now gays not only can “marry”, they have a RIGHT to marry, no matter what you idiot peasants say. Yet another SCOTUS-invented right nowhere to be found in the Constitution.

Next up: They also have a RIGHT to be married in your church. And to order you to bake them a cake. Mandatory fellatio will come at a date to be determined. We’re only half joking about that last one.

So, er, goodbye to freedom of religion as well. Oh sure, you can still believe in what you want, but you no longer have a right to follow your religious conscience (right actually defined in the Constitution) if it might override gays’ right to tell you to shut up and do as you’re told (right NOT ANYWHERE mentioned, hinted at or penumbraed from emanations in the Constitution).

So tell us again how just holding our nose and voting for Jeb in 2016 is going to fix all of this, huh?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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