As much as we’ve tried to just not give a tiny little fart, we can’t help but have noticed that, apparently, Bruce Jenner now thinks that he’s a woman and the entirety of what used to be an informative organ known as “the media” have decided that it’s heresy worthy of excommunication to as much as suggest that he is not.

What’s next? He’ll wake up tomorrow and decide that he’s a giraffe?

So he wants to be called “Caitlyn”, eh?

Well, in the immortal words of the fictitious Philosophy Department of the University of Wallamaloo, “that’s bound to cause a bit of confusion, innit?”

Is it okay if we call you “Charlemagne”, “Eleanor of Aquitaine” or “Knucklehead” instead?

Of course, the reaction from the “tolerant” Prozis to anybody as much as hinting that they won’t bow down to the new religion has been every bit as “tolerant” as the Inquisition, but that’s hardly a surprise when you consider that we’re dealing with totalitarian freaks who make Scientology look positively rational by comparison.

The new saint of Proziism even managed to get an award for “courage” over a maimed war vet for having the “courage” to say that he might, possibly, maybe, if he doesn’t change his mind, have his penis cut off. Oh, and call him Caitlyn too. Forget about Normandy. That there is courage! If only we were half the, er, man that he is…


Now tell us again that we’re supposed to “engage” these sub-retarded, infantile fascist wannabes with anything but utter derision and disgust?

I thought not.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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