It seems to me that NBC has it’s collectivist panties in a knot about the treatment of various scumbags amongst us. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the Boston Marathon bomber,  should he avoid the death penalty, is destined to wind up at a Super-Max facility in Colorado called the Administrative Maximum Facility — aka ADX, or “supermax”.

First and foremost, let me start by saying Ol’ Dzhokhar needs to be hanged. No Lethal injections, no quick death by firing squad. Hanged. In the the public square. Then Drawn, quartered and dumped at sea – there’s a 3500 lb 16 foot Great White lurking off the coast of NJ, and I’m sure she’s hungry.

Boston Bomber Tsarnaev Faces Prison Hell if He Escapes Execution

Prison hell – one sort of get’s a mental image of moldy lichen encrusted stone walls with shackles, rats, and roaches the size of a Fiat 500 huh? Torches in wrought iron holders casting a smoky haze over wet, dank, cold and miserable  dungeons. Torture racks, filthy floors crawling with lice, vermin, and sadistic jailers with weighted saps just waiting for you to set foot wrong.

Dungeons and Dragons imagery aside, the reality is far different for the miscreants in the US Prison system today.

Take note of the video that auto loads as you click on the above link from NBC . It shows a moving camera shot of an actual cell inside the ADX in Colorado. Hold your nose, I know it’s tough visiting NBC – but take one for the team will ya’?

Quite frankly – As far as I can see, these guys have it pretty damn good. U.S. Military troops live in tents. Some in barracks, some in more normalized housing. Assuming of course, they aren’t in some shit hole 3rd world Islamic Paradise conducting operations.

U.S. Navy Sailors on a ship for months at a time have just about – 25 Sq. Feet to call their “own” that’s their “coffin” bunk and if – if they’re lucky, a small 2 foot by 3 foot gym style vertical  locker to hang a few shirts in. The showers are community style, as are the bathrooms. Contrasted to a 7X12 foot space with a bunk, private sink, and toilet that a Muslim Terrorist named Tasrnaev is going to be afforded. A terrorist that killed Americans.

Even a 1000 foot long Aircraft Carrier is mostly the same as a 200 Foot long Destroyer when it comes to living arrangements for the crew. It’s cramped, crowded, and all it takes to make life a real living hell on a ship is a broken HVAC or CHT (sewage) system. I beg your indulgence dear reader,  as I take a little trip down memory lane here, bear with me. Because it bears on the entire discussion.

Underway on a CVA (Aircraft Carrier – Attack) the berthing space held 80 plus sailors of various disciplines, that was just one such space, honeycombed through the interior of the ship were dozens more to house the 5000 man crew that was required to sail that ship and fly the planes off her pointy end.   You slept stacked on top of one another. 3 bunks high. Beans are a staple in the Navy. Make of that what you will.

In roughly  the same space of one inmate at the ADX facility 3 sailors lived, slept, farted on one another, and time permitting might have wrote an occasional letter home. On smaller ships with even more limited space – “hot racking” is not uncommon, meaning you share that bunk with a fellow crew member on the shift opposite of you. Literally the 3 inch thick foam mattress is still “hot” from the previous occupant’s body heat when you crawl into it – hence the term ‘hot-rack’ Thank G_d The Boston Bomber wont have to concern himself with such indignities.

The “HVAC” system was powered by seawater. Which would either serve to cool the interior of the ship or warm it. Or at least make a valiant attempt at it.  It worked great assuming you were in 70 degree waters and sailing under a cloudless blue sky. That was rarely the case. If you were in the North Atlantic – up near the Arctic Circle say, you froze your damn balls off. You were then ‘awarded’ the certificate and prestige of being a “Blue Nose”. You were hazed unmercifully during your “trials” to obtain that lofty title.  (Being of a somewhat sarcastic bent my “charge sheet” was some 3 double spaced pages long. Ouch.)

The ship is steel, her hull, her decks, her overheads – steel. Steel is a wonderful conductor. Hot, Cold, Electrical current, it passes it all along with very little effort. Water temps were around 50 degrees up there around Norway if I recall.  Cross the equator and earn yet another lofty title of “Shellback” again via a “trial” where the water temps are near 80 degrees, and well, you sweated those same balls off. I guess in today’s Politically correct Navy, the fairer sex would have to suffice for sweating or freezing their boobs off. None the less; Hot, humid, sticky and miserable at times. And this was on a ship considered the cutting edge of modern when it was built in the early 60’s, I can only imagine what a WWI or WWII era ship must have been like to live on.

Aside from the lack of creature comforts, did I mention this was an Aircraft carrier? Oh Yeah, I did. What’s that mean? One short word.  Noise. Not the annoying noise of some hood rat with a bad woofer pimping his ride at the red light makes, No…. this is noise of the sort to make one slowly go mad.

Catapults and High performance Jet Aircraft screaming at full throttle. A F-14 Tomcat in zone five afterburner without proper ear protection will render you deaf in just seconds of exposure. It’s ungodly loud, like the gates of hell being opened loud. Then comes the ‘shot” as the catapult releases. A metal on metal steam powered shriek followed (in about a second) by the impact of the shuttle that attaches to the nose gear impacting with the water- brake. I can’t put it to words here, one simply can’t hope to describe it in terms that anyone can possibly understand unless they have lived that sort of experience. Suffice to say the shot itself, shakes the entire ship. A 900,000 ton ship shakes. Think about that and digest it. Shhhhhreik-BOOM!! Rattle rattle rattle, as the shuttle makes it’s way back to the hook up for the next plane. Shhhhhhreik – BOOOM! Rattle rattle rattle. Over. And Over. And Over again. 18 -24 Hours a day. Remember that first F-14 that just launched ? When it launches the noise from its engines which are still still in ‘burner  hits that steel bow of the ship  like a shock wave from a small nuke. It reverberates through the steel like a gong.

Alas, as the laws of physics dictate, what goes up – must come down. Time for a “recovery” or bringing the 40 or so Aircraft you launched 2 hours or so ago back on deck. The Tomcat is a 20 Ton Aircraft, the New F-18A Hornet’s a bit lighter. An E-2C Hawkeye heavier. All this means noise. Dozens of Tons of aircraft slamming down on a metal deck grabbing a 3 inch thick wire cable to stop. Those cables are on giant spools. They too scream like the worlds largest fishing reels with a 300 lb Marlin on it only louder, 10xs louder. Or the biggest baddest demon crawling out of hell’s gates – choose your metaphor.

Libya 1986, we flew for 36 hours straight. It used to be called a ‘Chainsaw’ You flew none stop 24 hours a day. Your eyes are bleeding from the lack of sleep, but you sleep…when you can.

How can one ever hope to sleep with all this noise and chaos? Actually due to exhaustion You sleep like a baby. I was one deck under the number 3 “Cat” as we called them. And flight ops or no – I’d crawl up into my “rack” pull my curtains and even amidst all the racket,  in minutes be sleeping like a babe in its mothers arms. You know why? Because I was up for 24 hours previously working. Stuffing foam ear plugs in your ears helped too. Those things were like gold. You horded them. I consider over all, I had it good. I worked in the interior of the ship. Controlling Aircraft. I wasn’t out on a flight deck getting blasted by jet exhaust on a windy deck slowly being cooked under the Indian Ocean sun, or braving the howling bitter freezing cold winds of the North Atlantic.

Why do I point this out? What’s the context for the trip down memory lane? Because – one needs to put this sort of nonsense from NBC  into some sort of perspective. That being; That US Military members routinely and VOLUNTARILY endure as bad if not WORSE conditions than these molly coddled and babied child killer felons.

Okay, let’s go back to the original intent of my post:

The NBC article, Quoting Amnesty International – whom pretty much never saw a criminal or terrorist they didn’t love and want to turn loose to rape, pillage, and plunder the masses said this IRT to some of the US Prison system.

The USA incarcerates thousands of prisoners in long-term or indefinite solitary confinement. This report describes Amnesty International’s concerns about conditions of severe isolation at the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum facility in Colorado. It also examines conditions in Special Management Units and Security Housing Units operated at other federal prison facilities. Amnesty International believes these conditions breach international standards for the humane treatment of prisoners. The report also details disturbing evidence of prisoners with serious mental illness being detained in harsh isolated conditions without adequate screening, treatment or monitoring.

Go here for the full PDF file

No word from AI yet on the outrage of lack of humane treatment of the people these bottom feeding terrorists and assorted other violent criminals have killed. I’m sure that AI report is being drafted as we speak. Snort!

At this point, it is the best Tsarnaev can hope for. But as they wrap up their case against the death penalty, Tsarnaev’s lawyers are trying to persuade the jury that if they sent him to the ADX, he’d be separated from the world forever.

Is there anything in the world more repugnant or vile than a criminal defense attorney? Don’t answer that. There isn’t. How the fuck do these people sleep at night I wonder. Far as this writer is concerned they should be in adjoining cells. Treasonous bastards all of them, arguing to spare this assholes life after he killed a 3 year kid has got to be the very definition of repugnant.

NBC then goes on to quote Garrett Linderman a convict whom was released from the CO facility said:

“It breaks down the human spirit, it breaks down the human psyche. It breaks your mind,”

OH NOES! You poor, poor dear. My heart absolutely bleeds for you. Or not. Here’s a novel idea, quit breaking the fucking law dickhead! Apparently, your mind is left sound enough to be mewling and crying about your self imposed plight on 60 Minutes, now isn’t it? Go figure… gotta get paid yo!

The Non-Stop Bullshit Channel continues:

Even in general population, the ADX imposes extreme isolation. Prisoners spend about 23 hours a day in solitary confinement in 12-by-7-foot cells with a single 4-inch-wide window and walls thick enough to stifle any attempts at communication. A slot in the door is used to deliver meals and for any visits.

Two words. Justin Bieber. Faced with listening to that – I’m taking the cell, the thick walls, and ‘extreme isolation’. Fuck that noise!

Oh, The horror! A window? Really? Find me a window on a US Navy Sub. 90 day patrols ….under water the entire time. And to boot, if your unlucky enough to be on watch when the mess decks are open – and don’t get relived until they are closed, you too get your meals delivered. A sandwich, a pint of boxed juice and some fruit. Maybe, depends on what they have time to put together otherwise it’s MRE’s…Shudder.  Know why sailors are known to swill coffee by the gallons? It’s a good way to fill a hole in your belly. And it beats “BBQ Beef” MRE’s *gag*  Our Boston Bomber will have no such concerns, I am sure.

The shills and pearl clutching swine  at NBC should be glad Tsarnaev is under a fair and just legal court system. Where child killing terrorists are concerned….I’m not so “just”. Not even close. He’d be down right lucky to find himself in a dungeon still breathing  if it were me imposing sentence. That’s if I were in a good mood. Of course if not, and I’m in my more common Snarly mood….there is still that shark “Mary Lee” out there….I like that idea. A lot.


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