Bernie Sanders – S-VT has declared his candidacy for President.

That “S” in his qualifier is for Socialist. That’s me being 100% honest. He’s admitted it freely. The NYT and other MSM lemmings  can call Bernie Sanders an “Independent” until the very depths of hell freeze, it doesn’t make this particular leopard change it’s spots.

Let’s not mince words here. I hate this guy with a white hot fervor that makes my hatred of Obama look like a Woodstock Hippie love-fest. Like Obama He’s a Marxist / Communist in Sheep drag. Only he (Sanders) doesn’t step around the issue and claim to be a “Democrat” as Obama does, he’s outright about his socialist belief system, and massages that by claiming to be an “Independent” or  the softer sounding “Socialist Democrat”.  As if there is any difference in today’s Democrats and the moldering remains of the members of the United Soviet Socialist Republic.

I was sort of taken to task recently by Deth-Guild and others for my writing on the death of gun control advocate Sara Brady. Seems that some felt I was a wee too moderate in my comments. Maybe I was, and that’s okay – It happens, we don’t always strike that same notes as bloggers and for the most part I agree with Silver-Deth and Bill Quick. I just pulled my punches on that particular post, and I have no regrets on doing so. Nuance People – fucking Nuance !! I say that last bit in jest, alas, subtle sarcasm is so hard to convey on the intertubes…

But on Sanders – I will pull no such punches. I did not spend fully 1/4th of my life staring (quite literally) into the maw of the Soviet Bear to give Sanders or any of his ideological fellow travelers the benefit of any doubt, None.

Let’s erase any and all ambiguities as to my stance on Bernie Sanders as a US Senator  and as an aspiring Presidential Candidate. He is a national embarrassment and a fetid festering puss stain on Vermont’s status as a member of the Republic. Not harsh enough? He’s, unlike Brady alive, so he can incur the full gamut of vitriol. He should be dancing at the end of a fucking rope. How’s that for unambiguous and lack of any nuance?  That goes for the brain dead morons that keep voting for his sorry ass as well. Sanders is not the enemy at the gates, he IS the enemy INSIDE the gates.

Clear enough? Good, Let’s delve into the Old Grey Whore’s breathless announcement on Sanders, shall we? This IS a pure and unfettered case of political bias masquerading as “objectivity”. To be blunt, the Times more or less shrugged off any objectivity here, let’s call it what it is – an endorsement.

Bernie Sanders, Long-Serving Independent, Enters Presidential Race as a Democrat

Right out of the gate, the NYT’s headlines trumpets Sanders and an “Independent” The implication here is that he some sort of “Maverick” in the mold of John McCain. (RINO -AZ) His voting record is another matter, he votes lock step with the Democrats, and his only deviation to that is when they don’t go far enough into the Communist play book for him, then he get’s in front of the cameras – and thunders about inequality, and the social injustice of it all. The “Long-Serving” part establishes the thinly veiled mantra that he’s a vastly knowledgeable politician, IOW  he’s got the chops to run the country.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, announced Thursday that he was running for president as a Democrat, injecting a progressive voice into the contest and providing Hillary Rodham Clinton with her first official rival for the party’s nomination.

“Independent” used twice in the span of of dozen words, including the headline. A more cynical sort might actually think the NYT’s was pushing a narrative. Oh wait, they are. But then they double down and get that “progressive” label in there too – I have to admit…that’s impressive. Independent – Progressive, all within about 20 words, but there’s no agenda here folks, nothing to see. Move along comrades!

Avoiding the fanfare that several Republicans have chosen so far when announcing their candidacies, Mr. Sanders issued a statement to supporters that laid out his goals for reducing income inequality, addressing climate change and scaling back the influence of money in politics.

Can the hacks at the NYT’ ever write anything at all with out taking a swipe at the GOP? Ever? It would seem not. Cruz, Paul, and others have mostly used the same procedures as Sanders did, they went out on Social Media and various news venues to announce. But that’s “fanfare”…. When the avowed Socialist, Sanders does it  – it’s humble. You can almost feel the “Aw shucks, golly gee… I guess I will run” man of the people moment they are trying to push as you read this.

Mr. Sanders’s bid is considered a long shot, but his unflinching commitment to stances popular with the left — such as opposing foreign military interventions and reining in big banks — could force Mrs. Clinton to address these issues more deeply

Okay, let’s pause and re-read the last two quotes here. Notice anything? How about the two Democrat candidates names both mentioned twice in the space of two paragraphs, but the other candidates shall not be mentioned by name ! It’s like the 11th fucking commandment at the NYT’  – “Thall shall not mention a Republican by name. Ever. Unless of course said GOP member has been caught in some sort of misdeed. Then you may mention them and their party in screaming headlines and bold face font. Endlessly”. So it is written, so it shall be!!

On another note. “A long shot” Really? Sanders from my memory has long held a position of reverence with MSM outlets like the Times ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS . He gets more than ample time in front of the cameras and in print. One would have to be Rip Van Winkle to not know who this guys is.  One could say he gets exposure more so than a Senator from a tiny state like Vermont actually should. He’s got name recognition and he has a compliant press. But everyone loves an “underdog”. Especially the NYT.

On a patch of grass known as the Swamp outside the Capitol, Mr. Sanders later articulated before a horde of journalists and a few curious onlookers why he was running. He acknowledged that he faced big financial challenges but said that, as a politician with the “most unusual political history of anyone in Congress,” he was optimistic about his chances.

How fitting. A fucking commie comes crawling out of the “swamp”. You can’t make this sort of shit up, you just can’t. Here’s a novel idea. How about Bernie Sanders and his supporters at the Times crawl right the fuck back into the ooze that they came from and join their ideological brethren from the USSR . Forever.

Mr. Sanders, 73, has said that he will not run a negative campaign and that he has never run an attack ad in his life. A self-described “Democratic socialist” and grumpy grandfather-type, Mr. Sanders has promised to steer the Democratic Party toward a mature debate about the issues he is passionate about.

Another “Aw Shucks” moment in time! Grumpy-Grandfather type is it? Wait, you can’t do that, that’s the other party you idiot! You know, the party of “grumpy old white dudes” AKA the GOP. I call foul.

Let’s, again, not mince words here – the first thing I thought when this whole grumpy-grandpa thing crossed my synapses – was “Uncle Joe”. As in Uncle Joe Stalin. A true Master Architect of mass murder and and genocide. Of course that particular Commie – Rat – Bastard was a favorite of – FDR a Democrat And… the NY Times. Just like Bernie Sanders!  Go figure.

While traveling the country considering a run, Mr. Sanders has acknowledged that going up against Mrs. Clinton will be a daunting financial challenge. He has $4.6 million available for his 2018 Senate re-election campaign that he can use for a presidential run, and Mr. Sanders said he hoped to galvanize a movement of small donors to give himself a fighting chance.

“We’re not going to raise $2 billion, and we’re not going to raise $1 billion,” said Mr. Sanders, who added that he did not intend to use the help of a “super PAC.” “I do not have millionaire or billionaire friends.”

Look! Up in the sky ! It’s a bird, No! It’s a plane, No ….It’s Bernie the UNDERRRRRRRRRDOOOOOOG!!! Really, the damn underdog meme is getting a bit thread bare – but you can’t fault the Times  – they will hammer a point with a level of dedication usually reserved for a crack addict 48 hours sober and looking for their next fix.

If memory serves – GWB won a re-election with about 300 Million. Besides, Who needs the Billionaires and Millionaires when you can fleece the American Worker?  His money comes from the Unions. At least so far. The Grassroots commie-symps and low information SJW voters will flock to this guy like flies on bovine patties, as illustrated by this – his FB Page posts no less than 996,000 “likes” Just shy of a million people, and he has only just announced. As the Times and others start pushing their agendas far and wide, that is certainly a number that is going to rise.  That’s no joke assuming they all pull the lever for the guy.

Indeed that “grassroots” is his target and he is 1/3 of the way there:

In a speech at the National Press Club in Washington on March 9, Mr. Sanders said he fantasized about getting 3 million supporters to each donate $100 to his campaign. The total, he joked, would be about a third of what the billionaire Koch brothers planned to spend to elect a Republican president.

No Times hack article would be complete with out referring to the evil Koch brothers. Sanders is no fool, he knows the so called  progressive democrats will love this. Go watch that speech on C-Span. It’s all there, the Evil Rich, Wal-Mart, and on and on it goes.

If you read the Times article – and think about it, it’s a backhanded hit piece on Hillary Clinton as well. She’s mentioned multiple times but they are pushing this whole Underdog meme with her as the “rich and powerful” while that is certainly true on it’s face, Clinton and Sanders are the same stripe of Socialists, they only vary in a matter of degrees. Apparently at the Times, you can’t be Communist enough, if they are clamoring for Sanders to either run the country or force Clinton further to the left.

If anything, Mr. Sanders, who embraces his reputation for being gruff, abrupt and honest, promises to be bold. Recalling that he has defeated Democrats and Republicans with far greater financial resources in his long career, Mr. Sanders suggested that his campaign should not be taken lightly.

More underdog goodness. Like I said, the Time is never shy about hammering home it’s agenda, but honest? Even the times should be ashamed of that bullet. This is the same guy that said this

I would like to see a couple of hundred thousand people come here to Washington, say hello to the president, say hello to the Republicans, say do not balance the budget on the middle class, the working families in this country, when the richest people are getting richer.  They have not contributed one nickel to deficit reduction.
How does one nuance the word Liar?  The same way you nuance the word Communist – You fucking don’t. The so called “Rich” AKA those evil 1% pay 38 % of all federal revenues. Sanders is a communist – a lying one. On a 3.5 Trillion dollar budget I’d say that’s a whole bunch more nickles than Sanders claims. Freight train cars full of nickles that is ….But then again when was a Commie like Bernie ever honest.

“I think people should be a little bit careful underestimating me,” he said.

Trust me Mr. Sanders I don’t. I know your ideology I fought against it for a long time, and I still refuse to accept it. with my last dying breath, and my last fucking bullet I will still refuse. Wrap your  ideology up all you want in pretty shiny words like Progressive, and pastel bows like Populist, etc. A communist is a communist and you – are a communist. I hate Communists. I hate you and your frizzy haired fucking dome.  I detest the very air space you occupy. You are as repugnant to me as stepping into a pile of 10 day old dead frogs.

The New York Times, and every other MSM democrat mouthpiece in the land can tout the whole “Bernie Sanders man of the people” line all they want. I’ll call him what he is. A Communist  & an enemy of the Republic. May his 72 year old Communist traitor heart suddenly burst and he drop dead, deader, deadest,  and may he join Good Ol’ Sara Brady and her worm infested husband in hell. That “nuanced” enough for everyone?

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