WALKERTON, Ind. — A northern Indiana pizzeria that closed after its owner said his religious beliefs wouldn’t allow him to cater a gay wedding opened Thursday to a full house of friends, regulars and people wanting to show their support.

Mr. O’Connor closed the shop for eight days after comments by him and his daughter, Crystal, to a local television station supporting a new religious objections law. The law, which has since been revised, sparked a boycott of Indiana.

Can’t you just feel the vaunted Prozi “Tolerance” ooozing out here? And they don’t even mention the death threats, the threats to burn down the restaurant etc. that also followed in the wake of the O’Connors exercising their right to wrongthink. Such tolerance. But remember: WE are the hateful ones!

“I’d do the same thing again. It’s my belief. It’s our belief. It’s what we grew up on,” he said. “I’m just sorry it comes to this because neither one of us dislike any of those people. I don’t hold any grudges.”

Ah, but you don’t understand, Mr. O’Connor. It’s not about you not disliking them. It’s you refusing to celebrate and submit to them. You must not only tolerate them, that was just the tip of the camel’s nose poking into the tent, now you must wholeheartedly embrace their lifestyle. Give it a few more years under enlightened Prozi rule and you’ll be persecuted for not being gay yourself.

That’s what “tolerance” is all about, don’t you know?

We just can’t wait for some of the Prozi Brownshirts to march into a muslim catering business and demand that they cater for their upcoming feast at the kennel club. With nothing but ham, pork chops, bacon and a side of chitlins.

Of course not. That’s not going to happen. They might hit back, and if there’s one thing that the puling Prozi mental defectives don’t have, it’s courage.

A crowdfunding campaign started by supporters raised more than $842,000 with donations from 29,160 contributors in 48 hours. Mr. O’Connor said he hasn’t received the money yet, but said he plans to give some to charity and use some money to make improvements to the restaurant.

And don’t you just know that the Prozis are seething impotently at that, not to mention the fact that Memories Pizza can’t barely keep up with business now as their pizzeria is stuffed to the gills with customers. THAT is how you defeat them. Humiliate them publicly, then drink up their salty tears of frustration as they take another kick to their shriveled jewels.

Never let a day pass by without Pissing on a Prozi.


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By Emperor Misha I

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