“Circle the wagons” used to be a tactic the pioneers used on the trek west to face off with marauders.

Today it is a phrase used in political speak to “protect one’s own”.

And that is exactly what Obama, his administration, and the U.S. Department of Justice led by Eric Holder have done. Flawlessly, I might add.

Lois Learner will not be facing the  Obstruction of Congress Charge levied against her by the House. Period.

I suppose to those of us that “sort of follow” the goings on in D.C. This doesn’t exactly come as any surprise, it’s just another day in the fever swamps of D.C. Another day of watching this administration and it’s army of unethical lawyers destroy any and all vestiges left of the US Constitution. Quite frankly from the outset, There was never a snow ball’s chance in hell that Holder was going to prosecute Lois Learner for her actions while working for the IRS.

William Taylor, (Lawyer for Learner) said he and is client are “gratified but not surprised” by the decision by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Yeah, me either Mr. Taylor. Now do us all a favor – go stick the business end of a shot gun in your mouth and pull the trigger – you slimy no good ambulance chasing bottom feeding communist cunt.

What comes as even less of a surprise, (sadly) is the Stupid Party and it’s member’s typical feigned outraged response which amounts to a big fat Z-E-R-O.

California Republican Darrell Issa had this to say:

A lack of accountability for wrongdoing by public officials has become a hallmark of this Administration and specifically of the Holder Justice Department. Unfortunately, though it is more of the same behavior we have come to anticipate, it is no less disgraceful.

Refusing to prosecute Mrs. Lerner and Mr. Holder after they were held in contempt by a vote of the House of Representatives sends a disturbing message that it is permissible for senior government officials to lie to Congress and to ignore subpoenas for information vital to Congressional investigations.

No shit?! You think so ?? You go on with your bad self Darrell! Rah-Rah! More Red meat for the gentry!!

Color me totally not impressed – after all that broke clock on the wall is right about twice a day too Darrell and that’s all you are – a useless ass broke dick clock on the wall.

Illi-noise Republican Pete Roskam thunders :

We will continue to investigate all of the facts, hold her accountable for any criminal wrongdoing to which she was a party, and make commonsense reforms at the IRS to restore trust and ensure that there is no Lois Lerner 2.0.

Dog Whistle Alert!!! Yeah Pete, I won’t hold my breathe. Anytime I hear one of you pinstriped clad jack-asses braying about “commonsense” reforms, I know immediately you’re talking to hear yourself talk. You’re going to do exactly…… jack-shit. Nothing. You and the rest of the Stupid Party will hyperventilate, pontificate, muse,  and wring your hands – and do nothing. Just like always. The Obama admin will steam roll right over your sorry ass and then pave your ass crack with hot tar. And you’ll probably fucking like it.

You will do nothing because you ARE in league with Holder, Obama, Lerner and the rest of the political class. You might bluster, you might even reduce a podium to a pile of kindling on the floor of the House in a temper tantrum, but at the end of the day, you’ll not rock that boat too heavily. You’ll pull those oars like the good little bitch you are. Just.LIKE.EVERY.SINGLE.OTHER.TIME…..

Meanwhile,  Closer to home – for me at least, TN Republican Marsha Blackburn whips out her 1980’s Pat Benatar “all fired up” talking points:

IRS scandal needs independent prosecutor. American taxpayers deserve an explanation for why they were targeted by the Obama Administration. Lois Lerner should stop hiding behind her attorneys.

GUFFAW! Oh Marsha – I love ya’ darlin’ I really do, BUT…if anyone here is “hiding” it’s you and your Mangina equipped Speaker of the House. Weepy Bohner has the CONSTITUTIONAL Authority to have Learner Arrested…he has not. He put this whole things into the hands of Eric Holder – Obama’s head water boy…and you expected somehow, someway,  this would turn out differently????? Really?

The whole situation is laughable Mrs. Blackburn. Why you ask? Because watching you and  the modern day R brand rush out to media outlets, Twitter and FB  to thunder and sputter over the “latest outrage” from Obama, Holder and the DOJ , is pretty much the same as watching NASCAR. IOW a lot of things going around in a rapid circle with the occasional dust up – which is what everyone came to see in the 1st place.

If you and the Speaker of the House cannot find the intestinal fortitude to uphold the law and use every tool at your disposal to do so… then just please, shut the fuck up already. No-one with any shred of conservative thought processes left  trusts you and your fellow GOP asshelmets any more.

In summary, this is pretty simple. DOJ refuses to prosecute Learner, the GOP is left with a bunch of hearsay, suspect E-mails, and not much else to continue on. Learner is and always was the lynch pin in this whole kerfuffle and without her feet to the blow torch, Gowdey and the rest of his panel got – nothing. And they know it. In the space of a month, once the GOP has it’s all too fucking predictable hissy fit the whole thing will quietly fade away. Because they want it to.

Business as usual in the Fever Swamps folks.

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