We’ve been seriously amiss in talking about the imbecile in the White House and her petulant, pre-K dealings with Israel. Yes, we know.

That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been paying attention. Attention with a mixture of horror and amusement.

Amusement, as when Bibi, in spite of Princess Hussein Obama’s best attempts at swinging the election against him (say, wasn’t that illegal at some point? Oh no, of course not, that’s only the case when a Republican is president, in which case it’s a war crime against humanity and little fluffy bunnies), won in a landslide. In the midst of our relief learning that Israelis aren’t quite ready to commit suicide and our joy at learning that Bibi will stay in power, we got to learn about our own Petulant Princess of Foot Stomping refusing to call Bibi to congratulate him.

Call various and sundry dictators around the world to congratulate them? Sure. Princess Hussein is your ever reliable whore when it comes to that. Congratulating the leader of one of our most steadfast allies? Not so much. Princess PeachBama got her widdle feeewings hurt. Go get a spa treatment, why don’t you? You’ll feel better afterwards, Princess.

We weren’t quite as amused when we learned that Princess Jew Hater declassified the documents detailing the Israeli nuclear program, however, which also happened to coincide with Bibi’s reelection. Sure, everybody already knew that Israel had one, but nobody knew the exact extent of it. Until Princess Prozi Perfect found out that Bibi wouldn’t invite her to the prom, that is, at which point she did everything short of providing the Ayatollah with the GPS coordinates of Israel’s nukes. But we’re sure that she’s done that too behind the curtains (and in between blow jobs).

She’s just that perfect.

Remind us again, Prozis, about how your Nobel Peace Prize winner made peace in the world, would you? Then tell us how the Shoah was perfectly justified because Adolf Hitler once got snubbed by a Jewish baker. Then kindly go die in a fire. All of you who voted for that monster.

And we weren’t entirely amused either when we learned, much to our non-surprise, that Princess PeachBama of the Prozi Church has been acting as the mouthpiece of the Ayatollahs in the laughable nuclear “negotiations” going on. How do we know? Because Iran’s own media liaison defected in the middle of the talks, stating just that. Also, just by studying Princess Hussein’s every single action since she took office, which is a task that the so-called “media” in this country religiously avoid paying any attention to.

But all’s well, and we can assure you that the Republican party, whose candidates you absolutely MUST vote for or be called a Prozi traitor yourself (according to Prozi traitors calling themselves “conservatives”) will be right on it.

Right after the rapture. Or the heat death of the universe, whichever comes first. But right now, they just can’t be bothered.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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