Sorry, I really should have dragged my Royal Self out of bed sooner, but I really haven’t had the energy. Now, however, it appears that the cruds are on retreat, thanks to modern medical science. I blame it on the weather. Hot, cold, warm, cold, warm, colder, cold, hot, cold as fuck with 2 inches of Glowbull Wormening covering Texas… Blech…

And the news are ever depressing. Such as the bit about Weepy Boner and Mitch McCockless, once again, striking a deal with the Democrats to give Princess Obama everything she wants because… stuff… Remember how they used to be “oh, we can’t shut down the government by refusing to pass a budget, but the DHS funding? Oh yes, we’re going to fight, fight FIGHT on that one. To the bitter end. For America!!!” That was ages ago, of course, all of four months or so.

Now it’s back to business as usual with the Quisling Party willingly, nay eagerly handing the Prozi Party and their Precious Princess everything they asked for, based on a deal that was struck long ago. You know. The usual deal the Quisling Party always strikes with the Prozi Party on any issue: “We’ll have to promise to fight, then pretend to fight a bit to keep the prole idiots who keep voting for us happy, but then we’ll cave. As predictably as a Texas summer.”

And so they did. The Quisling Party’s rich donors wanted cheap Messican slave labor, the American workers be damned, and that’s what the Quisling Party gave them.

We find ourselves pretty much in complete agreement with Ace.

The Quisling Party’s Billionaire Sugar Daddies got the cheap slave labor they wanted, thanks to the Quisling Party’s umpteenth and utterly predictable betrayal of the principles that they swore to before the election?

Why, all of a sudden His Imperial Majesty realizes that the Prozi Party has a point when it comes to, say, minimum wages.

Except we have to disagree with Ace on one point. $15/hr seems awfully stingy. That’s no way to treat our “new DREAMER fellow citizens”. How about $50/hr? With mandatory, employer-fully-paid health insurance, no deductible, no copays, no pre-existing conditions and child coverage included until the child reaches the age of 67, of course.

Sounds about right to us.

Oh, and this whole “tax the rich” thing? You know, we realize we’ve been wrong all along. It really IS time for the rich to pay their fair share. “Fair share” being 98% of every dollar earned above 1,000,000. Or 500,000. Sounds OK to us.

Some targeted Social Justice laws ought to be on the agenda too. We mean, this has nothing to do at all with the National Association of Restaurants being particularly strident in their support of Supreme Dictator Hussein Obama’s illegal Executive “Cheap Bus Boys For Everybody” Order, we don’t want anybody to think that we’re in the slightest bit vindictive here, but, really, have you guys noticed the horrid conditions of the eating establishments in this country? We mean, it’s just not SAFE to eat there anymore.

We believe that it’s high time for the FDA to get more closely involved with monitoring those E. Coli infested septic tanks. For starters, a 2,000 page stack of regulations seem to be in order. Also, weekly mandatory inspections of every eatery in the nation to make sure that our chilllllldernnnn aren’t getting infected due to non-compliance. At the expense of the restaurants, of course. After all, they’re the ones forcing us to enact such measures, so they should pay their fair share of the bill.

Princess Obama, make it so. We’ve already seen that you’re not afraid to issue Imperial Edicts, so hop to it! The time has come!

Let it burn.

Oh, and remember our suggestion that it might be a good idea to vote Democrat in Ohio if that’s what it took to unseat Boner? Remember how that was “too much” and “beyond the pale” and “you’re ridiculous!”

Yeah, about that…


Wake us up when the shooting starts. We’re done.

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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