Since we have to pass the time doing something while our muse remains locked up in her room, refusing to come out, intermittently yelling about “inhuman wages”, “low benefits” and “lewd ogling from her employer.” (She is easy on the eyes, we’ll admit to that much). At least she hasn’t purloined the keys to the likker cabinet.

Anyway… We know you’ve already heard about the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive by the Islamic animals of Daesh (or ISIS, as they like to call themselves) while the ululating subhumans undoubtedly masturbated furiously to the sight of an actual human being suffering the torments of hell. They’re lovely that way, those Saracen savages.

But most of you probably haven’t seen the actual video of the whole thing. We don’t blame you. It’s not a particularly wholesome sight and, besides, it’s damnably hard to find anywhere since the entirety of the pussified remains of Western Civilization is busy burying their heads in the sand and pretending that if they don’t show it and certainly don’t watch it, it will all go away.

Which, of course, it never will. But we found it nonetheless, right over here, courtesy of Jim Treacher. The link is safe to click, and it’s worth it for Treacher’s words alone (as is always the case), you’ll only be exposed to the video proof of Islam’s barbaric nature if you choose to. And you might not, for any number of perfectly good reasons.

But we chose to.

We hear a lot of bleating about how those kinds of videos should not be shown or spread around because “it’s what the Islamists want you to do”, much like the tired old cliche about how it’s pointless to kill the Muslim barbarians “because that’s what they want, because martyrs!”

Both of which are, obviously to anybody with at least the IQ of a turnip, industrial grade bullshit “reasons.”

They want us to watch those videos? Well they might, but they’d best be careful about what they wish for, since they might get it. Not to mention that we can’t come up with one tiny reason why we should start giving one solitary shred of shit about what Muslims “want.” We certainly never did before, and we have no intentions of starting now.

Why would they want us to watch them? To instill fear in us? Again, that might very well be what they think, or whatever process it is that Muslims use in lieu of actual thinking. And also again: Why should we care?

Here’s the catch: Their “reasoning” only works if watching such videos and pictures actually do make you shiver with fear. And if that’s the case, don’t worry. Just sit down and take a deep breath. Leave the handling of those mentally defective subhumans to the adults. We’ve got this shit. We watched it, and as was the case with every single other one of those pieces of evidence why that particular cancer needs to be eradicated ruthlessly and promptly, without a bit of remorse, we weren’t in the least bit intimidated. We were infuriated.

Somehow we very much doubt that that’s the reaction those backwards savages are looking for. Your watching videos like that can only help the animals if you allow yourself to be terrified by them, and that’s a choice you get to make, not them.

And they know it too. Ever noted how the animals are always wearing ski masks in those videos? What’s up with that? Aren’t they supposed to be, in their own minds, invincible, fearless Islamic warriors? That’s certainly the line we get constantly fed to us by the media when they’re trying to Voxplain to us how fighting the Saracen is pointless and, indeed, counterproductive because they’re invincible! “For every terrorist you kill, another 100 will rise! Violence only begets violence!” They might as well come right out and say it: “We’re feckless cowards and we just want to surrender, please don’t hurt us, waaaaahhhh!”

Do actual fearsome warriors hide their faces when they’re trying to instill fear in their opponents? Try as we might, we can’t come up with any examples of that. Saladin, no matter what else you might say about him, certainly would have spat on those cowards and we can’t see him donning a ski mask before facing the Templars in the field.

Don’t doubt it: They are very, very afraid, and they have every reason to be that. Because every single time the West has gotten off of its duff and even half-heartedly smacked them on the wrist, the pisslamists have been right royally bitch stomped. And we haven’t even gotten close to moving past the half-hearted stage. What we did to them, and even more so what Israel has made a habit of doing to them against seemingly impossible odds, doesn’t even come close to what we actually can do to them if we put our minds to it.

No, the reason the media are blacklisting evidence of the barbarism of Islam has nothing to do with “not wanting to help them”. It’s the exact opposite. They may not be aware of it, at least we believe that most of them aren’t, but they’re actually helping pisslam a lot by not letting the barbarism of those animals become common knowledge.

Personally, we believe that the media are doing this out of a misguided desire to avoid this conflict to come to blows. They don’t want to set the world on fire. That’s dumb, but a good kind of dumb. The kind of dumb driven by good intentions. But it only drags out a conflict that has been going on for 1,400 years already. We think that’s long enough.

It’s time, long past time, to end it. Those primitives need to be put in their place. They need to learn that if you poke the bear, you get mauled. And they need to be taught that lesson so well that in a thousand years whatever descendants they might still have will piss their robes at the merest thought of pissing us off again.

Showing the world, on a 24/7 loop, what those pisslamic cancers do will bring about just that, and that’s a good thing.


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By Emperor Misha I

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