So this is our, for lack of a better word, “enemy”?

Flaming imbeciles staging a “die in” for their hero, the “gentle giant” who got himself well and truly (and righteously) perforated for assaulting a police officer and attempting to steal his sidearm, lying on the ground taking selfies and watching YouTube?

Don’t those useless, flaming wastes of skin know that the point of a “die in” is to pretend to be, well, dead?

No, Prozi twats, not brain dead, you do that so very well every waking moment of your lives with no effort required, but actually, you know, dead?

But keep fanning the flames of that race war that you so desperately want and you’ll soon be experts in looking convincingly dead. Forever.

Speaking of which, what kind of spectacularly stupid do you have to be, you Ferguson hood rats, to go on a murdering spree killing Bosnians for the “crime” of being white? (Another story furiously NOT covered by the Obama Court Media).

Listen, you useless cunts, we know that you’re not exactly overburdened by book learning, otherwise you’d be able to count to 11 without taking your shoes off, but those aren’t people you want to practice genocide on. They’re quite familiar with the concept, having been the object of it before, and we much doubt that you howling ghetto monkeys are going to fare any better than Slobodan Milosevic, so why don’t you pull your pants up, get a bath and learn to speak and behave like human beings before you get your jigaboo arses sliced, diced and burned to a crisp?

And if that hurts anybody’s racial feelings, then perhaps you ought to go police your murderous nigger spawn before they end up painting crosshairs on all of you with their actions, because I’m quite frankly sick and tired of putting up with this shit.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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