So while the ObaMedia continue to not waste a single word on Jon Gruber, the professional prevaricator hired by the White House to “hide the decline” in ObolaCare from the “stupid voters” (Gruber’s words, not ours) in order for it to pass, they’re focusing on the IMPORTANT things. Such as a staffer, oops, former staffer for a Republican Congressman, Elizabeth Lauten, who had the nerve to commit lese majeste by commenting on His Highness, the God King Obama’s daughters’ appearance and demeanor at the annual Turkey pardoning.

We’ll quote the horrible, HORRIBLE defamer of majesties’ actual words (although we refuse to link to the vultures and baying jackals we got the quote from):

“Dear Sasha and Malia: I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re a part of the First Family, try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play. Then again, your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department.”

We suspect that her real “crime” in the eyes of the adoring and prostrate “media” wasn’t so much her commenting on the kids’ undeniably plain and disdainful demeanor and dress, as it was her suggesting that His and Her Highnesses, King Obola and Queen Moochelle Antoinette, are anything short of the Most Divine, Perfect and Just Plain Amazing Role Models in the History of Parenting™, an insult that the so-called independent media can’t possibly let stand.

They certainly didn’t. They immediately started a howling, coordinated “journalist” feeding frenzy that didn’t even abate when they finally got their scalp and Lauten was fired, ahem, “resigned.”

Because if there is ONE thing a free press in a free country cannot let go unpunished, it’s somebody commenting on the Royal Family in a way that can possibly be construed as less than worshipful, as befits their exalted station.

And they’re not done with their burning of the witch, either (h/t Ace):

Yes, that’s right. They’re camping outside of her house and The Washington Compost has assigned one of its foreign affairs correspondents to sift through everything she’s written to find further proof of witchery and, we assume, Felony Being Insufficiently Worshipful of the Royal Family.

Even though she’s resigned already.

What, exactly, is it that they want? A firing squad? We suspect that they do.

Is it any wonder that more and more of us get our news about domestic issues from abroad these days?

It’s funny, in a “not ha ha funny” sort of way, really. If we remember correctly, that’s the same thing that citizens of countries behind the Iron Curtain used to do. If they wanted reliable news about their home countries, they’d tune into BBC International at night when nobody was watching, because their own newspapers weren’t even useful as birdcage liners.

What’s even “funnier” is that we grew up in a socialist nation, and even our media weren’t, and still aren’t (we check regularly), afraid to commit acts of journalism, even when such might discomfit the government.

How far we’ve come as a nation. Our press is now officially about as trustworthy as that of the former Soviet Union.

Now, on the issue of Sasha and Malia and their demeanor, we really don’t see what was so “outrageous” about Mrs. Lauten’s comments. Didn’t quite reach the level of the press giggling at one of the Palin daughters reporting being assaulted, or their vigorous tut-tutting about the impropriety of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter being a pregnant teen out of wedlock, something we thought we’d never hear the end of from the “leave the kids alone” press. And we didn’t, either.

Where were the howls and screams of “Leave the Chillun ALONE” from the court press media when the Bush twins were being savaged, criticized and ridiculed for having purchased drinks using a false ID? That’s right. Crickets. Because if the Prozi media had gone on a witch hunt like that, they’d have been hunting themselves.

What did Mrs Lauten say that was so bad? We saw the Obama kids and yes, they were dressed like they were definitely not at a state function and yes, they were behaving in a “seriously, do we even have to be here?” fashion.

Yes, they’re teenagers and yes, that’s how teenagers like to behave, but that doesn’t mean that they should, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s beyond criticism.

If their parents want to use them as props, then they have a responsibility to teach them to play their parts properly, and if they fail to teach them proper decorum and manners, then yes, Virginia, that is a genuine failure on their part and yes, it is open to criticism. We were once a teenager too with all that that entails (we’re still full of wonder that the Imperial Parents put up with us) and we, too, often found ourselves in social situations that we absolutely didn’t want to be in, but that didn’t mean that we didn’t know how to play our part, even if we disdained every second of it.

Because, you see, we’d been taught better. By OUR parents.

We may have been at least two sheets to the wind at our gymnasium graduation, but we still knew how to dress in a proper suit and we still knew how to swipe our cover off our head and under our left arm while snapping to attention as the principal handed us our diploma, no matter HOW much we thought the ceremony itself was a tedious, stiff, pretentious drag that kept us from partying for ages (approximately “an hour or two” was how we defined “ages” back then), because we would be damned if we were going to dishonor ourself and our parents by not maintaining face and decorum.

Obviously, that isn’t the case for our new American Royal Family, and to even make a note of that is a firing offense at least and, preferably in the eyes of the “media”, a capital one too.

The only thing more classless than lack of class is defending classlessness.

But the “media” got their scalp and they’re still worrying the bone of this non-story, so we guess that there are no other problems in the world to worry about.



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By Emperor Misha I

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