You may have heard of the New York Slimes “journalists” who decided that it was in the public interest to doxx Darren Wilson and his wife, publishing their home address in their Prozi rag of a “newspaper” (which, we still contend, should be burned to the ground. With the staff inside).

Given the hysterical murderous fervor of the angry mobs that the New York Times, among others, have conjured up with their lying, slanderous and libelous “coverage”, we can’t seem to find a better example of what “reckless endangerment” means.

So somebody decided that the private details of the two “journalists” were equally “newsworthy.” Hey, what’s good for the goose and all…

Thanks to LC Radical Redneck, we learn some of the details of the inevitable results of that:

The New York Times journalist who published Darren Wilson’s home address wants police protection and has been calling the police nonstop, has learned.

Julie Bosman “keeps calling the 020th District station complaining about people harassing and threatening her,” our source told us. She’s also “complaining about numerous food deliveries being sent to her residence.”


Oh the irony, it is KILLING us!

So, you malodorous cuntface, you see just why it might not have been such a good idea for you to do what you did to officer Wilson and his family?

Although he’d be guaranteed to face a lot worse than “food deliveries” to the house that you made unsafe thanks to your disgusting behavior, should he be foolish enough to stay there after you made the place a health hazard.


Go look for it somewhere else, you disgusting whore.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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