…and it looks like they got one! Hallelujah! Now they’ll have something to talk about for the next couple of news cycles, namely how this proves that we live in a racist hellhole where gentle giants are mercilessly mowed down with machineguns by racist cops while they tearfully beg for their lives and fiddle with their rosaries. Or something much like that.

What they won’t talk about is how justice was served and how a jury, in spite of violence and threats of violence, refused to back down and indict an innocent police officer.

Speaking of that jury: Well done, gentlemen and -women! We can’t imagine the kind of pressure you were under to hand out the bogus indictment that the race hustlers in the media and the White House clearly wanted you to hand out, but we know it can’t have been easy. And yet you let the evidence speak for itself and followed it to its only logical conclusion. That’s a damn sight more than those cowardly pieces of shit in Floriduh could manage. You KNEW that the illiterate, racist savages outside the courthouse would riot and murder if you didn’t do what they wanted you to do, yet you stuck with the law and proved that yes, Virginia, there is still backbone to be found in this nation of ours.

You KNEW that you’ll have to worry about your names becoming known for quite some time ahead, but you didn’t flinch, you didn’t cower and you didn’t run away. You were asked to do a job, and by G-d you did it!


As to the howling, snarling, drooling, slavering mobs who were just looking for an “excuse” to do the only thing they’re even remotely capable of doing, which is pillage, rape and destruction, they can go fuck themselves, and fuck themselves hard. It’s a great pity that somebody, ahem, kept the National Guard away while the pillage, murder and rapine was going on, because we would have loved nothing more than to see streets covered with the bullet-riddled bodies of the wastes of skin doing the rioting.

Pour encourager les autres.

Instead we’ll have to settle for second best, which is listening to their incessant whining, pissing and moaning when they wake up and realize that they’re living in Dresden. Listening to their lamentations while saying “fuck you, you burned the place down yourselves, you ignorant, brutal, savage apes.”

We do, however, feel very strongly for the poor business owners who saw their livelihoods go up in smoke because a bunch of knuckledragging window lickers couldn’t have their way. We hope that they gather up the insurance money and leave the now burned down ghetto to the subhumans who obviously don’t want them there. You don’t deserve what happened to you, and those ungrateful simians don’t deserve you. You’re too damned good for them. You invested your lives’ savings and countless hours of working your fingers to the bone to provide those cuntbreaths with goods, jobs and services, and this is how they repaid you.

Leave them to their festering Prozi cesspit, leave them to wonder where the fuck they’re going to get their next batch of Tussin and ice tea for their “purple dranks”, leave them to die and rot in their self-created wasteland, and come down here to Texas and open up some stores.

We welcome business here, and we don’t tolerate shit from anybody, so you needn’t worry about anything like this happening to you again. We don’t need the National Guard to make sure that doesn’t happen, because we’ve got all that we need in our nightstands, in our closets, in our desk drawers and too many more places to mention, and we’re not a-skeered to drag it out and use it when duty calls.

We’ll shoot ’em, stack ’em and tag ’em and then, then we’ll call the po-po to let them know that we have some rotting meat we need removed from our communities.

And then we’ll have a barbecue and a party.

Sounds like a plan? Come on down, y’all.

As a side note, we didn’t bother watching the aftermath or, as the Mainstream Fucking Media calls it, “the mostly peaceful protests”, because we didn’t much care to watch what we already knew was inevitable. Seen it before and we had better things to do.

We regret that now, because we heard that the CNN vultures, in their eagerness to get as much blood to lead with on the nightly “news”, got themselves well and truly teargassed.

Now THAT is something that we’d have loved to watch! We’d have been crying worse than the CNN “journalists”. From laughing so damn hard.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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