(Our thanks to LC Xystus for the new name for the smarmy, lying, Prozi bastard architect behind the Unaffordable Care Act)

They’re coming out thick and fast, they are. Video after video of Herr Schick L Gruber laughingly explaining how he and Obola really got one over on the idiotic, simpleton U.S. voters who really ought to say “thank you” more often for having lost their plans, doctors and ability to pay their deductibles.

In the latest one, the statist swine explains how they cleverly designed it so tax exemptions would be phased out, amounting to an added tax on citizens, all in a way so the stupid voting proles wouldn’t notice it before it was too late.

And it’s on CNN, no less, which is kind of a surprise to us, seeing as how they and the rest of the ObolaMedia have been busy pretending none of this ever happened. Up until now.

This could really end up becoming a huge, impossible to ignore problem.

For the Republicans, all of whom were busy settling in for two more years of studiously doing absolutely nothing to repeat ObolaCare while pretending just as studiously to give a shit about the voters who just handed them a monster mandate.

If this keeps up, even the likes of Darrel “we don’t have to do anything as long as we keep having hearings” Issa are going to have to come up with more than pretty soundbites.

What horror!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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