You might say it’s a pet peeve of ours, having at least some experience with statism.

We trust that you are, by now, familiar with our love of the British Understatement.

If any might think that the state, the self-anointed elite, has anything but the utmost contempt for We The People, meaning you, I and everybody we know, the recent revelations of one of ObolaCare’s chief architects, Jonathan Gruber, in which he openly sneers at the stupidity of American voters and how it not only can but must be used to save us poor idiots from ourselves, for our own good, of course, ought to put such imbecilic thoughts to rest.

We don’t know about you, but to us, and in times gone past, such condescending tripe, such an insult, such an open admission, nay celebration of how the “elite” thinks that we’re just too damn idiotic to be allowed to exercise any sort of primacy over our own lives, would have led to a duel at dawn.

No self-respecting individual, if such do still exist, can possibly sit still in the face of such swinery and still call himself a man.

Not that we are in the least bit surprised. We are quite familiar with the true sentiment behind the statists’ facades of altruism and concern, which is a derisive contempt of everything we stand for, right down to our very basic worth as individuals.

But it certainly is helpful when the Prozis let the mask slip and admit to their contempt for human beings.

At least we hope that it’s helpful, because if the people of this nation cannot even find it in themselves to learn to hate the Prozis with this kind of insult thrown in their faces, then they don’t deserve any better.

Yes, they lied to you. Yes, they deliberately lied to you. Because they knew that, had they told the truth, you would have rejected it.

And they felt safe enough, thanks to decades of people “going along to get along”, that they had no qualms about bragging about it.

Destroy them, or hold your manhoods cheap, because if you don’t, you’ll only have proven them right.

Punch back, twice as hard. And do not stop punching until they have all been destroyed.

See how superior they feel then.

I do not wish death upon them.

It would be far too kind.

Or, you know, let’s not be uncivil and fundamentally unserious and let’s just give them another inch.

It’s up to us.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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