It is to laugh, if it wasn’t happening on our dime:

No doubt most readers know of the $2.2 billion Ivanpah solar plant, a huge project in the Mojave Desert which is easily visible from many planes flying in the Los Angeles – Las Vegas vicinity. It has been controversial from even before its start — it required relocating large numbers of desert tortoises — and since startup for the birds it has killed and the menace it poses to aviation.

What? Wait… Desert tortoises? Let it be known that we don’t give an Imperial Fart about desert tortoises (unless somebody knows a really tasty recipe), but imagine that it hadn’t been some of Obola’s Friends™ trying to move tortoises around on our dime but, say, an Evil Member of the Evil League of Evil Oil trying to drill a hole in the ground in that same location.

Oh the howls of outrage! Oh the endless lawsuits! Oh the endless delays, surveys, investigations and hearings on the pitiable “endangered” tortoise!

But as the Catechism of Proziism goes: “If standards are good, then double standards are twice as good!”

Anyway, they built this clusterfuck of an inefficient way of producing energy (actually, collecting energy) with our kids’ money, $1.6 billion of it, only to find out that it didn’t really work. Unexpectedly. Like Solyndra, various “Solars”, Fisker et al. Unexpectedly too. Because shut up, climate denying racist!

OK, that’s not fair, they had to come up with $600 million themselves…

The remaining $600 Million was financed in the main through electricity futures contracts with California power companies, mandated by the State of California — the Golden State will require its utilities to provide 30% of their power from “renewable” sources —

And never mind the price increase for consumers, you climate denying racists! You will learn to love the cold and the dark or we will make you love it! For your own good!

But it turns out they can’t really make the energy they were supposed to sell to make back the “loan” from Obola’s regime, so now they want Obola’s regime to give them a grant to pay back the money they owe Obola’s regime.

“Erm, OK, so we owe you $1.6 billion that we can’t really pay you back, so why don’t you give us $540 million and we’ll use them to pay down the loan. Maybe. Which is totally not the same as you just giving us more than half a billion dollars of somebody else’s money, nosirree!”

Why is it that they suddenly discovered that they wouldn’t be able to make enough money from selling buckets of sunshine to hapless Californians with no choice in the matter? You’re going to love this:

The sheer temerity of the request is almost outweighed by the unintended humor of their explanation for the failure of their project: the Sun isn’t shining as much as they thought it would.

Apparently the science of measuring sunlight is too sciency for the science-frickin-LOVING Prozis, or maybe the sun is rayyyycisssss too!

We’ll leave the last word to the guys at Powerline:

they should ask the guy who said he would make the oceans recede, to order the Sun to stop slacking — rudely continuing to shine as it has for five billion years — and brighten up for Google, NRG, and Obama’s legacy.


Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure indeed.

You see what happens when you leave the reins of government to mental defectives, America?

Friends don’t let friends vote Prozi.


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By Emperor Misha I

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