It would appear that Annise Parker,  Mayor of Houston and her DA needs to go to jail. Do not pass go – do not collect 200.00

Let me get this straight:

If I deny a black man his ability to work and it’s proven I did so intentionally based on his race- I’ve committed a crime. To wit, I’ve violated his civil rights and a laundry list of laws longer than Long Dong Silver’s pecker.

If I deny a Illegal Immigrant Hispanic a lease of a property – I’ve committed another crime – here too, even though technically said Hispanic has no standing under the civil rights afforded under the US Constitution as he is not a citizen – I’ve STILL somehow violated their civil rights. Speaking of which – where in Hade’s blue fuck exactly is this place called Hispania – I can’t seem to find out where all of these so called Hispanics are coming from…

If I go out and find a homosexual and beat them bloody in the street I am guilty of a “hate crime” and I have violated their civil rights. Because me going out and beating a hetrosexual white boy bloody in the street that’s only a bad thing to do. It’s a DOUBLE bad thing if you do it to a prognazi identity factory produced member of the great society.

If I Deny a woman the same salary that a man makes for doing the same job, I am once again breaking the law and in direct violation of that woman’s civil rights.

But if you are a progressive liberal – some how all of these civil rights of others seem to go the way of the dodo bird as long as you meet certain parameters. Or at least the prognazi’s seem to think so.

You somehow amass these magical get out of jail free cards as you punch various buttons in the prognazi lexicon of acceptable stereotypes. Said stereotypes wholly made up out of absolutely fucking nothing at the identity factory in Prognazi, Utopia. Said factory being 1000andten% Carbon neutral, Non – Sweatshop Certified, Fair trade approved, Gluten free, Organically grown,  non GMO and Green sanctified – of course.

Anyhow, If your ass is stamped at the Identity factory as a Lesbian Democrat Progressive – go straight to the head of the class…you can do whatever the fuck you want. You’re not just a Mayor – You’re SOOOOOOPER mayor – because….. you’re a “gaywomandemocratlesbianprogressive”!!1111!!! You’re freaking special sunshine and doncha’ forget it !!

By George….You’re protected under the guise of prognazi tolerance and holier than thou mantras to the point that you can utterly trash the 1st amendment civil rights of those you have ideological disagreements with. Go on, you’re special enough to bring the full weight of the Government “Justice” system to bear and completely deny your targets any of their civil rights any old time  you choose to.

Er, wait maybe not.

Here’s a refresher for the “Honorable” Mayor of Huston and her Nazi henchmen in the DA’s office that even thought this demanding of religious sermons might pass the smell test… who seem hell bent on trampling on various clergy members free speech civil rights for the heinous crimes of daring to disagree with the LGBT crowd.

1st Amendment of the US Constitution:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

15 words Italicized and in  bold type to help the good Mayor understand the Civil rights of those she seems to think she can brow beat and threaten into submission via her pack of rabid dog DA jack offs…. for not cow-towing to her agenda. Maybe Annies the thunder-cunt needs it drawn in fucking crayon to help her polluted proggie  lizard like brain connect the dots. I don’t know.

Maybe the word “congress” has the poor lass confused – she’s not a member of congress so the same rules don’t apply…. just spit balling here ya’ know …Bzzzz! Wrong answer.

What I do know however is ….The only proper response to one of these so called  subpoena is  – Fuck you. Sideways. Twice on Tuesday. Bring the mall ninjas if you want to try to “enforce” it …but there will be blood running in the streets of Huston when it is done – Ours or yours it don’t matter – but someone’s getting a bloody nose here. Because frankly…The whole Christian “turn the other cheek and hate the sin love the sinner” thingy – well folks sorry to say this, that’s not working so well these days.

Hustonians should be out there firing up the Tar barrels and plucking them some feathers because there’s a few folks just begging for a good old fashioned tar and feathering in City Hall.

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