In a bit of a pensive mood tonight and of course with the ever-present sleep disorder that controls my wake/sleep cycles, it seemed as if I might have chance to get up something for us all to consider.

Life indeed hands us some unexpected and downright unpleasantness. Be not troubled because He who is really in control has a plan for all of us. Does it involve success, money, popularity and to be loved by all?. Hardly. In fact the love of that someone special is all we really need. Yes I do get angry at our Divine Creator at times, but it’s a human failing or perhaps a facet of our society that we get what “we” want and right-fucking now, instead of when He wants it to happen. This I know, that He will never let us fall without a plan for something bigger and better for us, all in good time, let me repeat that, all in good time.

As many of you may know this last year and a half have NOT been good ones for me, but I can see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve found myself with a little piece of paradise in the most beautiful part of this great State of Texas. I’ve been here long enough to understand why those brave men in March of 1836 decided that this place was worth fighting and dying for.

Texas is one of the most interesting places on earth I’ve lived or traveled to, and this state just gets under your skin in a way that’s hard to describe.

Life is indeed strange as we slowly but certainly may see what we have in store for us courtesy of the Master of the Universe, but only with patience. I’ve suffered some very, very bitter losses here, but at the same time I’ve received blessings too numerous to count.

Just as an example, I recently was able to see up close and personal the real contrast between being part of the herd as opposed to being personal friends with real people. My new lady has a very, very wide circle of friends. We had to leave a bit early from one job to help a friend at Austin City Limits. Our friend was managing a concession at ACL and we grabbed some tools and parts and headed into the city for repairs to a piece of kitchen equipment. The concert scene was most assuredly aimed at the Millenial Crowd and once we completed our little job, we ran straight into a massive herd of rude assholes in our effort merely to get out of the venue and back to the ACL Staff shuttle none of which cared that we were only trying to make it back to the staff shuttle bus. In stark contrast we perchance a few days later, ran into one of our friends in the tiny town that we live 8 miles west of. Our friend is a Grammy Award winning songwriter and performer. Also, she happens to be an immediate neighbor, very close friend (family by any stretch of the imagination) and mi’lady has done numerous construction projects about her property. We got an invite to her home this last Tuesday that turned out to be a small crowd consisting of about 80% of the best of the best musicians in the Southwest, all grouped together for an evening of fun, food, friendship and some of the damned best music anywhere, anytime and all about a 5 minute walk (if you’re slow like me) from our place out here in the country. Wow, what a difference. Now that is a blessing my friends.

For a few hours on a chilly, fall, Texas Hill Country night we had a ball and were able to forget the rest of the fucking world and just realize what we have here in this great state with folks that really, really care. Yes, life is strange and full of unexpected turns (especially in my case), but all of a sudden I have new friends that are real people that actually care for their art, others and the G-d given natural beauty that we live in here. These folks are truly worth making the ultimate sacrifice for. We may agree to disagree on some minor things, but at the end of the day we’re Americans.

Yep, we have an impossibly clue-fucked administration, masses of sheeple without a clue of what is going on within this glorious Republic of ours and G-d forbid, the potential outbreak of a disease that’s sickening to even contemplate.

We can and will save whatever is left afterwards, meanwhile we watch, wait and take action to preserve, defend and protect the good people that make up the backbone of our country. There are just too many damned good folks at there to let it all burn.

Hang tough my fellow patriots, I stand as witness to what is great about the Union and it isn’t all about politics, it’s about faith, hope and loving others (worthy of that honor) that will bring us through what lies just ahead. Yes life takes some detours and is full of potholes, but there is always hope for what tomorrow might bring.

Be Strong…..

-Carry On

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