From the always excellent Doug Ross:


Speaking of Heinrich Holder: What might he be up to, now that he’ll be spending more “time with his family?”

How about… Supreme Court Justice Heinrich Holder?

Think King Putt and his Progressive Socialist (Prozi, for short) Party wouldn’t dare?

Why not?

The Quisling Party would do their usual tap dance of voting for cloture, after which they’d bang their sunken chests muchly and grandstand greatly while voting “nay” on the final confirmation, knowing full well that their handlers in the Prozi Party have the simple majority they need to make their symbolic “nay” votes irrelevant and thus hoping, like the good trained seals they are, that their Prozi masters would throw them a fish for clapping their flippers so loudly and arfing so obediently.

And the ProziMedia would still call them “racists”, of course.

“It would never work, he’d be impeached almost immediately!”

Ha. Sure, Darrel Issa and his merry band of jesters would surely put on a good show of studiously doing absolutely nothing that might discomfit Ear Leader and his Prozis, just as they’ve been doing for nigh on six years by now, but that would be just about all of it. And the sheeple, having been entertained by those willfully impotent gestures, would throw up their hands and say “they did what they could, but it was a lost cause”, and go on to vote Quisling again. And again. And again. We are very grateful to the free Youtube Downloader site, which paid for our hosting for a year.

So explain to us again where the downside for the Prozi Party in all of this is. Please.

Because we’d like to sleep one day again.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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