We’re really still not quite sure why this is considered news, but obviously even people on our side are having a hard time coming to grips with the left being a bunch of totalitarian freaks. It’s almost as if those people spent the last century and a half living under a rock while refusing to read the news, history books or even watch TV and listen to the radio.


But no, you wouldn’t listen, would you? Those silly leftists in the “loyal opposition” are just well-meaning, fundamentally good people who just happen to be wrong, right?

When Gawker’s Adam Weinstein wrote of his desire to imprison people who disagree with him politically, publishing an essay under the very straightforward headline “Arrest Climate-Change Deniers,” I noted that this was part of the Left’s ongoing, worrisome drift toward authoritarianism.



Alright, we’ll play it your way then: Name us one, just one example of a leftist, any leftist, at any point in recorded history, who wasn’t a full on authoritarian. Just one. Go ahead. Take as much time as you need. We’ll be here until we croak, and you’ll need at least that long and then some. OK, so here’s a tip to save you some time: There wasn’t one. Not ever. Do you even know what leftism IS, you blinkered Pollyanna? No, you don’t. Because then you’d know that leftism IS totalitarianism. It’s right there at the core of it. It couldn’t exist without totalitarianism, anymore than water could exist without being wet.

So tell us, then: How can adherents to an ideology that is founded on authoritarianism (a nicer word for what it really is, we guess, because let’s don’t be beastly to the totalitarian Prozi thugs) ever drift towards a point that they already not only inhabit, but pretty much own?

It may seem like we’re splitting hairs here and picking on semantics, but it really IS important, you know. If you can’t call the enemy by its real name, if you can’t even adequately describe the suspect, then what hope do you ever have of apprehending him, much less defeating him?

Answer us that, please.

Leftists are not “well-meaning comically wrong good people”, they’re subhuman, fascist, totalitarian scum who would shove you and your entire family in a labor camp without as much as skipping a beat. How do we know? Because that is what history shows that they are and have always and ever been, that’s why. Go ahead, prove us wrong.

Now that the would-be gulag warden is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., speaking to what everybody loudly assures me was a cheering throng of historic proportions, what will they say? That the world’s largest climate-change march, and those who participated in it, are insignificant? Mr. Kennedy, who has been kept out of one of New York’s Senate seats only by happy circumstance,

And a string of drug convictions, failed marriages, ex-wives committing suicide and enough philandering to kill a goat. In other words, your typical Kennedy, your typical Prozi scumbag.

says that he believes his opponents to be guilty of “treason” — his word — and wants them convicted of crimes — “They ought to be serving time,” he says.

As in the case of Mr. Weinstein, I am open to the argument that in a sane world Mr. Kennedy would not be taken seriously, inasmuch as he is a witless pile of ground chuck molded into the shape of a politician, but we do not live in a sane world. We live in this world, one in which Senate Democrats are working feverishly to repeal the First Amendment while Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gleefully contemplates the prospect of building prison camps for political dissidents.

And this is surprising how, exactly? Just where does this particular leftist Prozi subhuman deviate from the leftist norm throughout history?

It is what they are, it is what they do, and until people learn to understand that, until they pull their heads out of their arses and confront reality along with the leftist, subhuman, totalitarian beasts who inhabit it, until then not a damn thing is going to change.

So the next thing we’d like to hear is the popping sounds of heads being extracted from anal sphincters.

Until then:

We told you so.

Think you should maybe have listened now?

Too late.


P.S.: It may seem unfair that we’re picking on Kevin Williamson of NRO here, because he is undoubtedly one of the best and most vicious writers at NRO, but that’s exactly our point. If even somebody like him can fall for the “this is not what leftism is at its very fundamental core, it’s just an aberration” nonsense that the Prozis have been peddling for decades — just ask them about the socialist Adolf Hitler, who is now a “fascist” and not at all a socialist — then who isn’t going to? Time to call a spade a spade, people.

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